Too much social time

I know I am an introvert by nature, I know that many of my colleagues are introvert too. So it’s not surprise that we all felt overwhelmed by being together for over 12 hrs a day for the last two days. The retreat is packed with content, mostly work related, only one outing event to Angkor Wat, which I visited in December 2019 with hubby. So overall, I am trying to make the best out of it, mainly to get to know my future team members, and have “fun”.

The highlight of my day is the morning run. I am glad to have found some casual runners and a serious runner. The two casual runners joined us on day 1. We did a bit more than 5k. The next day, only the tall guy showed up at the 6am and we did a good 5km run. I got to know him during our runs better than any zoom meeting we could have had. 🙂

Being busy with socials come with the benefit of not having time/mental space to miss my family, which I terribly miss when I finally get back to the room.

One more day of retreat and time to go home. finger cross my PCR test comes back negative.

2 thoughts on “Too much social time

  1. What a great picture!! I can see why you’ll be sad to leave your coworkers for your new job. Looks like a fun bunch. Very cool that you guys have running in common. Seeing those smiles makes me wonder if I should try running again, haha!!


  2. Great picture!
    Hope the test was negative; how stressful, especially since usually those tests have to be taken right before leaving for the return trip. Yikes.


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