First car accident

Let me start by saying both Tony and I (passengers) are totally fine. The accident happened yesterday morning after soccer. I haven’t gone watching them play for months and thought I could give some positive encouragement to Lizzy to motivate her to put a bit more work (daddy complaining she’s so lazy). Almost finishing and I needed to go to bathroom so I asked hubby to take me home, the girls can ride with our friends’ car. Few minutes later, as we crossed a street with broken traffic light, I was talking to husband so he might not be paying 100% of his attention when crossing (but who does these days?) so he didn’t see the other car coming like 60 miles per hour, super fast and did not even slow down when crossing, so we hit his right back side.

My first instinct was to blame husband that always drives too fast (to my like).. but I saw he was in shock so I cited my tongue. The other car driver was probably in similar situation than us, totally got shocked that this happened. I was glad that the girls were not with us to experience the crush. We waited for the traffic police to come, nice guys, took information wrote a preliminary report, before escorting us to the nearest traffic policy. There we spent another hour filling forms. The police guy was hostile to us at first as he saw we were foreigners. I signaled husband to let him to me. After few minutes, the guy softened and was cooperative and all.

2 hours after the incident, we drove home. More to come on Monday dealing with the insurance.

It was good that nobody got hurt, and that husband took note of not needing to drive fast to gain few minutes here and there, not worthies it. Hope he learns his lesson. My lesson? Get a driver when we arrive Jakarta!!!!

Otherwise, it was a good day. Sofia made her first oatmeal breakfast with banana by herself

while I took Lizzy for a jog. I walked while she jogged 2.5 km by herself. So proud of her. We got special drink before going home.

after lunch and some homework time, we went to a baby shower… girls enjoyed the play, the pizza, and the movie.

I didn’t enjoy so much as I didn’t know most of the people at the party, and they are nice but so different from us. I left the party 7pm after eating some super salty food. I was glad to find kabocha in the fridge for the rescue.

I had 11 miles on the plan for Sunday so went to bed an hour after finishing snacking. Girls came back just before I went to bed.

Just another weekend day, with an unexpected but expected incident sooner or later. Sigh….

2 thoughts on “First car accident

  1. I am glad you guys were all ok! Accidents are terrifying. I haven’t been in one for many many years and it was a minor one – I got rear-ended. It has forever made me paranoid about getting rear ended again, though!!


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