Life and favorites week 1

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I took a look of the 17 books I read in 2019. The three most impactful ones are the top three.

My 2020 resolution would be to read 25 books. How I plan to do it other than binge-reading during my work trips? Try to read 30 min before bed 5 times a week. Reading is calming and an introspective exercise that I enjoy, but usually takes me 15-20 min to calm my mind to start enjoying it, so as long as I can commit to 30 min, I know I’ll get the effect.

Girls enjoyed many play dates at home. They are so creative in ways to entertain themselves that amaze me: origami shop? camping at home? hide and seek? Bring on babies! 🙂

I love traveling but I find home where my belly feels the best as I can resort to my type of comfort food, such as a rich bowl of oatmeal with pumpkin, flaxseed, tons of cinnamon, vega protein powder, topped with PB sauce. OMG…..

and a big salad is my kind of reset meal after travel. My body naturally craves freshness an crunchiness from vegetables. I had three salads for three days: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, roasted cauliflower, eggplant, green bell pepper and tofu. With tahini/lemon dressing. So simple but so satisfying.

Unfortunate event of the week: our fridge broke the day after we came back, after I’ve spent the whole day cooking/baking. Two group of technician came and failed to repair it. So now we have 1/3 groceries in my office fridge/freezer, 1/3 in a neighbour friend’s, 1/3 at kitchen counter with 24C AC. Not fun but I still managed to prepare three meals for my family. You got to be creative and resourceful, ALWAYS!

Highlight of the week: I started my golf lesson on Sunday. My husband started golf lesson when we moved to Manila, and he got really into it. He has asked me to learn with him many times but I didn’t feel I’d be into it. Running is more my type of things to do to stay fit and clear my mind. But after deep consideration, I decided to give it a shot, mainly to be able to play with my husband. It was my gift to him for his birthday this year, and I can tell he is super happy about it. So, the actual class. I didn’t have much hope as I’ve never been good at any sport. To my surprise, I was actually hitting the balls and far, close to 100 meters at the end of the class. It gave me a great boost of confidence, maybe I’m made to play golf 🙂

Favorite Links:

Investing should be easy and even stupid.

Plan to set intentions using this

Favorite Podcast:

Fascinating progress on our understanding about ageing.

New and fun podcast about our relationship with food.

Discipline is overrated, changing our environment is how to keep good habits.

Wish my husband and I could do a review like this

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