Day 147: 10 things I loved on Sunday

  1. Running under the rain, cool and fresh. I run 12.34 miles just because it looks like a  fun number.

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2. We finished our Europe trip album.

IMG 6131

3. Loved Sofia’s “decor” on this page, first meal in Barcelona.


We both wrote a summary page of our trip.


4. Solo time with hubby to finish watching a Chinese series, and we both learned few lessons.

5. Reading about Gratitude with this view.


6. Realising that hubby almost fell asleep while I read The Little Prince to the girls in Spanish. By the way, I find it so interesting too.


7. First family movie night and we watched Dumbo. Usually the girls watch their favorite show (cartoon) on Sundays and yesterday I proposed that we choose a movie for the ENTIRE family to watch together. They loved the idea because they both love everything we do as a family. The movie turned out to be perfect for the family. 

8. I bought a new pretty Journal to start bullet journal a la Sarah’s style. Will share my layout in a week.

9. Re-start meditation. I’ve done it in the morning and really loved it, not sure why I stopped. Restarted yesterday before bed, 5 min later I fell asleep. 😀

10. Lizzy always finding excuse to come out of the room when she’s supposed to sleep. Yesterday she had 3 excuses: (i) to put her pant perfect as it was side wasted; (ii) tie her hair in a ponytail so she could sleep comfortably; (iii) it was too hot to wear pants so she wanted to take it off. They ALL made me smile.

Gratitude: I am grateful to start to learn to really apply mindfulness in my everyday life. Each day it gets a bit easier and it keeps me calm and joyful all day long.

2 thoughts on “Day 147: 10 things I loved on Sunday

  1. I love lists posts. I just did one today too- not just like this but along the same lines 🙂 They are fun to write, aren’t they?! 🙂 I need to look back and find the stuff you shared about mindfulness again. It was a book or podcast? I meant to write it down. I’m so intrigued by the concept of mindfulness and really have been trying to focus on it too. It sounds like you are really getting the hang of it and some great benefits! I have felt a little off my game in general in that regard lately, not terribly so, but not my best either. I’d like to read up on mindfulness practice again and make sure to focus on it again too.


  2. yes, try being more mindful. It’s not a particular book that I read, but many like resolve for happy. the way I do is very simple:
    – do one thing at the time even brushing teeth or cooking
    – eat without screen/book
    – brings my mind back when I think about tasks/work when i’m with kids

    they are simple and doable but really make a difference to bring me back to present.

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