Adult chores

Mid-week check-in. This week started with a Monday morning with a visit to the US embassy to renew Lizzy’s passport as she’ll turn 5 next month. The process was smooth. Now waiting for her passport so we can renew her Philippine visa that expires in May.

Husband finally got to renew his working visa. Yet, we don’t know when he’ll get it done. Process here in the Philippines is rather confusing, not lineal, and super inefficient.

We applied for Argentina visa for hubby thinking that we can go there in the next few months. The main reason for the visit is to bring my dad’s remains back. Yet, I realized the papers we had prepared were meant for going to China. Sigh… now we either re-do the papers, or need to consider shipping him back directly to China. Both processes are unclear, expensive, and time consuming.

We wanted to spent our summer in Canada, just to realize that because of the refugee situation, the embassy is having delays for tourist visa. Where will we go then? Another thing to “worry” about.

It’s tax season again and every year I feel stressed about it.

I wish I can delegate adult chores to someone.

On the positive note, our older helper Jesica is back to our place and we love her. She’s super throughout in cleaning, meticulous how she clean the vegetables (we had too many worms in our food with our last helper), and understands my asks clearly. Chores for the kids still need to be decided. Just don’t feel I have the mental bandwidth now.

I finally got my crown on yesterday with a new dentist. She is sooooo Latina. She is from Costa Rica but spent her childhood trailing the father across the globe, thus expat kid. I left the clinic amazed by how much I learned about her life during our 1.5 hr together with my mouth open and drilling.

I enjoy meeting new people with interesting life experiences. Life is full of surprises, yet they are meant to be somehow. We have control over daily small choices, but big events seem to just happen. The best I can do is enjoy the ride instead of questioning the why and how to change it.

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