Assuring doctor

Lizzy is doing well. She went to school on Tuesday and Wednesday without any issue (nobody called to pick her up earlier), still coughing but otherwise happy and healthy. We went to see a new doctor, highly recommended by my colleagues. My main concern is that Lizzy is getting sick often, and the suspect of murmur when the previous doctor asked to follow up. I am more concerned about her heart obviously.

This new doctor, a small lady, super kind and confident. She checked Lizzy well, totally unconcerned about her heart. She thinks her eczema flare-up could make her sick more easily, especially now that she’s more exposed to more and new germs. This is a phase of her life; once eczema goes away (around 7 years old per dermatologist), she’d become more resilient to germs and viruses. I really hope that is the case. Meanwhile, remind her of personal hygiene, eat more fruits and vegetables (as Lizzy guessed even before going to the doctor), and ensure she is dressed for room temperature.

I realized that because I am so worried about Lizzy and spend extra time with her to comfort her, I neglected Sofia for the last two weeks. I plan to spend extra time with Sofia in the coming days. She can be a sensitive girl. While she is very understanding about the situation, she still needs me.

On a lighter note, I finally have a plan for my study room, the color scheme, the material, and the decoration I’ll get. I will wait to receive the chairs and desk we ordered before deciding to do other things with the same guy.

2 thoughts on “Assuring doctor

  1. I’m glad you saw a doctor that was reassuring! That is interesting about the connection between eczema and susceptibility to illnesses. Our youngest has eczema. He gets it from daddy. And it seems especially bad in the summer when he has to wear sunscreen. I use brands recommended by the dermatologist and he still has awful eczema flares!


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