Bali day 5-6: vegan food, shopping and Ubud

We had a downtime day on day 5 with a slow start of the day. We spent almost 2 hours at the gym while girls explored kids club and pool. After I was ready to start the day (11:30am) we left to explore the shops at seminyak. It was quite hot and humid, so after walking for 30 min I realized that shopping trip with the entire family wouldn’t work. So we decided to have lunch together and then Sofia and I will continue the shopping trip.

I found a vegan restaurant near by going through narrow streets and local houses

Lizzy was so sweaty when we arrived
Starter was satay
Hubby had Balinese sampler
I had veg with tofu tempeh with black pepper sauce
Grandma and Lizzy had pizza

The biggest highlight of staying in seminyak is the variety of food. Everything we tried there was super good and cheap. Vegan food is everywhere and most non vegan restaurants carry vegan options.

The family went back to the hotel and Sofia and I started our girls solo shopping trip

We found a store that offers only kids dress INDIGO kids with local fabric and design. We spent almost an hour there picking up dresses for the girls. Sofia loved trying them out and getting 4 lovely dresses.

I found my favorite cloth store too, Bali Boar Shed! I found it through googling and it was everything I wanted from a beach clothing shop. I felt like being in the wonderland wanting to try everything and anything. Another good hour there and I got 1 dress, 2 skirts, 1 bikini and 1 set of bracelets to share with the girls. Sooo happy!!!!

Sofia is my favorite shopping companion!

Hubby and I had dinner at a chinese place that looks very basic but had great food, just across our hotel. We took take out of the rest of the family which they also enjoyed a lot.

Day 6 was a full day trip to the ubud area. Unlike seminyak and Jimbaran, ubud is famous for the jungle, yoga places, hippie vibe.

Our first stop was a local market where we found some lounge pants and scarfs. Then we arrived the Monkey forest, a must visit place in ubud.

Wearing my new skirt

And took selfie pic with the monkey. Guess how we took it! Heheh…

Another vegan feast for lunch. Raw pad Thai, sushi, nigiri, tempeh burger, sea bowl, pumpkin soup, and vegan version of croque Monsieur.

Next stop was rice terrace. It was quite commercialized so we didn’t spend much time there.

Hubby saw a local museum and wanted to take a look so we waited for him while he checked it out

Final stop was ganan lot, a temple by the beach. It was very crowded and the girls enjoyed exploring while having ice cream to cool us down a bit.

It was past 5pm when we finished there. I felt we didn’t do as much this day because ubud is quite far from where we stay and the distance between locations were not so close. But it was a nice way to explore a different location of Bali. Even grandma was surprised how big is Bali.

And what did we do last? Sofia and I went back to Bali boat shed!! I wanted to buy more of pretty clothes! Hahaha…

I don’t buy clothes often now, especially formal cloth for work, only when something gets worn out of break. But I do like to buy workout and vacation/casual clothes. And when I find a store that I like, I stick to it. This shop only has store in Bali, one location. So I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the opportunity to get everything I wanted when I’m here.

We left with 2 more dresses, another bikini set, and a wrap. So satisfied.

We had dinner at the same place from the night before with the whole family. Great way to end another fun and productive day. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Bali day 5-6: vegan food, shopping and Ubud

  1. I can’t wait to see pictures of all the clothes. It sounds like a fun – and very productive – day of shopping.

    And that food. Seriously – of every blog I read, yours is DEFINITELY the one that gives me food envy the most. It all looks so good and there are always such a great assortment of dishes at every meal. Yum!!!


  2. I read your last two recaps slowly last night on my phone while I was walking on the treadmill… I had a big smile on my face. This all looks so cool!! I absolutely love trips that are a combination of relaxing but also sightseeing and experiencing cool, authentic local places. This all seems amazing! So happy you’re all having a wonderful time. Keep the recaps coming.


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