Day 109: start habit tracking?

Things that made me laugh yesterday:

I was having a serious zoom meeting with my boss with a high level official, which happens to be my friend, and his team R. R used to work for me before he went to help my friend recently. Our secret joke is that R is our adopted son, and we are divorced parents who got to have R moving between our houses. It might sound weird, but totally feels like that. After the meeting, R showed me this post stick 😀 Totally cracked me up. 🙂

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Thanks to Kae to illustrate how she tracks habits, something that I’ve been wondering how to do it myself without taxing my already busy schedule. For me, the advantage of tracking is 1) reinforcing good habits, visually; 2) nudge habits that I want to develop but neglected; 3) evidence based review of how I progressed. Many days like yesterday, I worked nonstop until past dinner and sit on the couch and asked myself, what did I do exactly today other than work? How come that I didn’t spend time with the girls while they were in fact few feet from me. And I don’t like the feeling having the life passing by.

10 things I will track in July.

Read to girls at least 15 min they love I read to them but often time I am too tired by the end of the day. Maybe I should do earlier in the day

Be outdoor at least 15 min (either running or walking)

Exercise (running, yoga, swimming)

Crafting with the girls for 15 min: we have a pending craft that is time consuming. Sofia only likes to do it when I do with her.

15k steps a day

Yoga at least 3 times a week

Floss. Currently I only do when I feel something is stacked.

New recipes at least once a week. I have so many saved recipes to try but when it comes time to cook, I keep doing the same.

Write down at least one thing that I am grateful or made me laugh.

Face mask 2 times a week. I still have a big stash of face masks from our trip to Korea two years ago, need to use it up.

Today (Friday) is officially no work day but I still have some work, will find the time to make the grids.

Last night, I asked Lizzy to come to me as I wanted to give her a big hug. When I feel overwhelmed and bothered for things that I know I shouldn’t, I like to hug my girls as it reminds me, nothing matter more than this feeling. Just few minutes of that gives me a new perspective of things, and it always works!

What habits do you track or would you like to adopt?

3 thoughts on “Day 109: start habit tracking?

  1. Love your goals. I need to set some new goals for myself. With my 30th birthday on the 13th I should set that as my new start for 2020 because the first half of this year has been less than successful but I am struggling to thing of things I’d like to track leading up to my birthday so hopefully the light of a new year will help! 🙂


  2. Yay! Glad to see you’re going to give it a try. It is fun!! I like that you are adding things that don’t have to be done EVERY day, too. I definitely don’t do all of the things on the tracker I shared every single day either, but it’s fun and interesting to keep track throughout the month. Sometimes it helps you to “catch” yourself, if for example, you notice that 5 days went by unchecked on your tracker and you haven’t tried a new recipe, maybe that next day you dig one out! 🙂 Can’t wait to see how you like it.


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