Day 109: current morning routine

Things I was grateful:

  • Talking to work friend. Yesterday i reached to a friend that I haven’t seen/talked since November to get his insight of my new manager. He immediately responded and we talked over the phone for 40 min, including a mini venting session πŸ™‚ It’s actually really good to share our struggles. hahaha…
  • Getting help to do taxes. A friend reminded me that taxes is due July 15, and another friend immediately sent me a detailed guide how he did it and his last 3 years tax filing forms. πŸ˜€ So glad to have some efficient and trusting friends.
  • Friends helping with finding me a helper. I interviewed one yesterday but didn’t get a good vibe. So I asked in our running group if someone can help. Right away two people PM me and gave me contacts of their helpers.

My morning routine changed during quarantine time as I don’t have to rush to go to office. I am also waking up earlier than before. Nowadays I wake up naturally anytime between 4-5am (I go to bed between 8:30-9:30pm) and don’t start to work until 8:30 or 9am.

Yesterday I got up at 4:30am. While I had my morning mate, I wrote my blog post and read my favorite blogs

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5:25am ready to go out for a run. It was below 30C but quite humid

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running outfit


7 miles later I got home, the girls didn’t want to go out for exercise, so I prepared their breakfasts


then i did 15 min full body yoga and some stretching


7:30am made ginger tumeric tea

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carry it to the bath. The girl used my bathtub the night before… sooooo barbies


while I take bath I usually plan my day, yesterday I needed to go to Costco so I wrote down some essentials. I also check emails and mark those that are important that I need to respond. My inbox is always close to zero as I like to go through them quickly by mark it for action/glanced through/delete.

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8am, girls were done with breakfast. It was July 1st, so photo day! πŸ™‚

Fullsizeoutput 12cfb

don’t mind the messy hair. I’ve given up

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8:30am work call

9:00am another work call

9:30am finally having my breakfast. Unless I’m super hungry, I like to eat when I’m calm and not having anything urgent that I need to deal with because this bowl of yumminess deserves 100% of my attention. ahahah… it was pumpkin oatmeal with quinoa topped with frozen strawberries and almond butter.


Here it is summary of my 4-5 hours morning routine nowadays πŸ™‚

What’s your morning routine? Has it changed since COVID?

5 thoughts on “Day 109: current morning routine

  1. Love this post!! I LOVE seeing other people’s morning routines. Seriously, I just love it. Thanks for sharing! I feel like I have SO many things I love to do in the morning that I could go on all day…..Currently the big items are always writing a blog post/ reading others blogs, my highlight journal and gratitude entry/ habit tracker, checking my email and then hopefully my workout. Sometimes I push my workout until later if I have other stuff to do, like organizational things, my calendar, planning, etc. But it’s better when I get it done early. I’ve been walking with my husband from 7:30-8:00 or so every morning too.

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  2. Love your morning routine Coco! I wish I could say that I got up as early as you do during the week but lately I have been getting up earlier so I can get my workout done before others are logging on for the work day. I fortunately have a very flexible schedule so I just need to be available for meetings and then I get my project work done as the need arises. I did have to get up at 1:45am the other day to get a workout done before I went to get a new Driver’s License (and due to COVID restrictions) the Dept of Motor Vehicles has limited the number of people they help by so much that you have to be in line by 4am in order to get helped. Its insane. But fortunately most days I can get up by 5:30/5:45am and be good to go. Would you prefer to sleep later if you could??


    1. Honestly I don’t think so. I’ve already been a morning person and feel productive in the mornings. Sorry to hear about DM situation, I can just imagine how messy that must have been.

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