About Me

Hi, this is Coco, welcome to my blog. My previous online incarnation was about life as a graduate student, newly landed in the DC area. It tracked my journey of balancing a life with new friends, new life prospects, new challenges, newly wed, new to the job, and new as a mother. The past decade was exciting, challenging, almost like a rollercoaster with huge life changes. Upon entering a new decade, I am starting this new blog as I feel transformed, in a new life setting, found new interests, and mentally ready to start a new stage in life.

Focus of this blog

Life happenings: to document the good, bad, fun things we do. Each of these experiences take us to where we will be. Blogging about them makes me reflect upon them.

Travels: I am so passionate about traveling. Although my job entails quite a lot of traveling, I still enjoy traveling for leisure, especially with my family. It is The experience that I can’t get enough. I love how it opens my eyes and mind, forced me to experience the comfortable, break the routine and structure, learn about new realities and life styles.

Thoughts: random thoughts and reflections about life topics.

Food/exercise: I used to blog about food in a daily basis because I genuinely enjoy cooking and eating good food. Since becoming vegan, food has taken less of my time and attention as I eat very simple and sometimes repetitive meals. I still cook and bake a lot, mainly for my family and friends, so I will occasionally blog about food. Exercise is a big part of my life as I need and crave endorphins in a daily basis. Running is my favorite form of exercise and still run 1 marathon per year minimum. I also do yoga regularly, and started golf recently.

My family: family is everything to me! Although I often work a lot and don’t have as much as time to focus on my girls as I’d like, I know what is important for me in life, and that is personal relationships, family love most of all. My daughters are growing so fast that I feel the need to write about them more and capture them through photos and videos.

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