Day 145: a view for stillness

I’ve been wanting to try a different setting in my home office for day but always ended up forgetting to ask husband to help me to set it. Yesterday as I entered the office, I thought why waiting for someone else when i can definitely do it myself NOW. and that I did, 5 min later, I changed the direction of my desk toward the wall instead of the window so I can free up the window which gives a nice view of the most luxurious golf course in the country!

Just like that, now I have a window I can look at while taking a break from work or just to be still. I did that few times yesterday and it felt like meditation. Husband’s desk is still facing the window, I’ll see if I convince him to change it too. 🙂


Sort of following my meal plan, i made curry chicken for the family, and a toasts with chickpea avocado spread for me.

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The weather was grey and rainy in the afternoon which affected me to feel blah too. I didn’t feel like reading at 4pm, I didn’t want to work anymore, girls are zooming to a STEM class. Instead of continuing to feel meh… I went out for a 30 min walk. It was raining a bit which was refreshing.

I came home, girls have finished class, Lizzy went for a playdate, I was in better mood, so Sofia and I spent an hour reading before dinner.

I am savouring Gratitude Diaries so much. I am more than 1/3 done and I don’t want it to end!!! I think I need to pace myself to read one chapter per day so I can read it for longer. I like its simple wisdom with personal experiences and anecdotes, instead of heavily science based. Not sure I can do all of the tips but they are a good reminder to change our perspectives when we can’t change the fact. PERSPECTIVE is the key word.

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