Day 165: a day in life hour by hour

4:30am: wake up (naturally)

4:30-5:30am: mate + blog reading/writting

5:30am: prepare girls breakfast before I leave for a run

5:45-7:00am: 6 miles jog and cool down while listening this fascinating podcast

Fullsizeoutput 130b5

ordered the book the moment I got home

Fullsizeoutput 130b6

girls still eating in PJs

Fullsizeoutput 130ba

7-7:30am: shower and put decent cloth (for the past 5 months I lived in PJ the whole day, but now I need to wear non-PJ because Sofia sits in office with me for distance learning and the camera is ALWAYS on

7:30-8am: breakfast + bullet journal (few more days to finish August and I’ll share my thoughts and my current “system”)

Fullsizeoutput 130c1

8-11:30am: work work work and peeked Lizzy’s PE lesson


11:30-12pm: prepare lunch

12-1pm: lunch with the fam (just realised it was not a very colourful spread)

Fullsizeoutput 130cc

1-6:30pm: work work work (it was an unusually busy day), prepared quick dinner in between

6:30-7pm: evening walk with the girls

ItmrPAhfRHKfNk Nf9HIEw

7-9pm: more work so no reading

9:30pm: finally in bed

Gratitude: someone in my team made a mistake which ultimately I’m responsible, resulted to an unintended consequence for the entire team. My boss was super nice and told me: it’s not a big deal. You’ve had one million more important things to deal it. His words made me feel only 1% better but I still appreciated him saying it.

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