Day 166: pair good + bad experiences

Yesterday was dentist appointment for both girls. Sofia doesn’t mind because the moment she sits on the chair, she tunes in to the TV in front of her. hahaha….. you can see how my girls are TV deprived. But Lizzy? that’s another story. She grabs my hands harder when we entered the office, and all the time while we waited for Sofia. Then when it was her time, she started crying a bit. I left her in the room alone, which is the practice of this doctor which I love. Then I went to get cash to pay, by the time I got up, she was already done. Doctor said once I left, she was not crying anymore which is great.

Then we decided to walk home, passed by a kids cloth store and I asked her if she wanted to check it out. We browsed through and found a dress that would look good on her, so we bought it. I think we haven’t spontanously shopped anything for a long time! usually we only go shopping when we need something. She was so happy, smiling all the way home, totally forgetting that we went to the dentist. 😀

First week of distance learning went great! Sofia loved it from day 1 and super engaged in all the activities. Whenever I turn around I see her hands raised as she wants to answer. While Lizzy was engaged looking at the screen, she wasn’t very participative as I rarely hear her talking. But something happened overnight as she was talking nonstop on Friday. Husband and I looked at each other, super confused, what dream did she have the night before? why was she transformed suddenly! I guess it just takes some warm up for her. Hopefully, she continues this way.

Weekend plans:

  • Baby sitters club
  • A documentary with the girls?
  • Go back to the store and get a dress for Sofia
  • Eat out/take out
  • Finish Educated and start a new book
  • Reflect on my August experience with bullet journal and plan for September theme

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