Day 167: family outing & August groceries review

Yesterday we went out as a family, first time for a long time. The plan was to get a new dress for Sofia and lunch out. It was 2 hrs outing that felt sort of normal weekend life pre-COVID. Except I only realised about the mask after I put some lipsticks, totally pointless.

We went out to Shake Shack burger place for lunch. We first sit on a table ready for dine in, but then as we waited for our order to come, I realised that the guy who’s eating in our diagonal direction was probably 1.5 meters from us, I didn’t feel very safe to take out the mask, so we decided to take out instead.

When we were walking home, it was 12:30pm so it was hot and sunny. We all felt uncomfortable, and for few secs it reminded me of those uncomfortable moments that are part of traveling. Those annoyances get forgotten very quickly by the positive experiences of traveling. But they are part of the travel experience nonetheless.

evening reading time. I am finishing Educated, OMG, I only started to engage at page 200 (out of 335) but I’m so glad that I kept reading. I saved few last pages to finish today to savour it fully awake


Lizzy reading her favorite comic book, for 5 min she was focused, and then she went away to play.


I did a throughout review of our August groceries spending. The final results:

Total: 800 (USD)

  • Fresh vegetables: 28%
  • Fresh fruits: 21%
  • Chicken/Fish/Egg: 11%
  • Pantry (flour, cooking ingredients, etc): 14%
  • Milk (including non-dairy): 8%
  • Frozen (veg, dumplings): 6%
  • Snacks: 10%
  • Rest: tofu, bread

This is a good representation of our monthly groceries, for two adults, two kids, mainly plant based whole food. I am very glad to see that we spent half in fresh vegetables and fruits. Snacks consumption could be reduced a bit more but I’m not super worried.

Where do we shop? local Costco, vegetable/fruit order, conventional groceries stores, and asian stores.

3 thoughts on “Day 167: family outing & August groceries review

  1. I know that the cost of food is different in Manila but if you’re interested in seeing how others are cutting their grocery budgets … check out The Frugal Girl blog … she does a weekly: What We Spent (WWS), What We Ate (WWA) post which is actually really interesting as other post in the comments what they did too!
    Hope you enjoyed your shake shack at home!!


  2. I bet it still was nice to get out! I TOTALLY know what you mean about those little annoyances with traveling. I think about that often, too. So many parts of travel are truly not enjoyable (lines, crowds, getting lost, tired feet, airports, etc…) but you are 100% correct- we quickly forget about all of that and remember the good times! I’m glad we do this though, or no one would probably ever travel! Hahaha


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