Day 168: Sunday funs

We had a fun and productive Sunday. Started with morning run and bike. It was a bit humid so I was soaked when we finished.

Daddy spent the morning playing with Lizzy while Sofia practiced piano and mandarin. I did some end-of-month tidying up which involved entering August spending analysis into google sheets, writing weekly review by Sofia in the bullet journal, plan for September in the journal and think about a new theme. I also made buns and waffles for the family for breakfast/snack for the upcoming week.

Lunch for the family

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and lunch for me as I was craving ratatouille, followed this recipe which is super simple and turned out delicious. Had it with spinach noodles.

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Afternoon was spent napping and reading. I finished Educated, ABSOLUTELY fantastic memoire. It’s shocking to know that someone in this world is living such a different life, too different to be real. It’s human nature to seek family love and recognition. Tara’s internal conflict of knowing what’s the real world vs. what’s the world she grew up believing in, and how much she and her family were ready to give up their beliefs to feel belonged and accepted by their parents. This book gave me a new meaning of being educated, and the power, influence and responsability we have over our children. Highly recommended to ANYONE to read it.

New favourite snack: steamed sweet potato + Peanut butter. Taste and texture BOMB.

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After the success of zooming with girlfriends last Sunday, I scheduled a zoom call with my mom and my auntie, who’s like my second mom. We had so much fun chatting with Sofia and Lizzy making funny faces and showcasing their new dresses. It was so nice that we’ve decided to make a Sunday ritual.

Finally, for family movie night, we watched the speed cubbers. A perfect documentary with watch with the kids to learn about focusing in something one’s passionate about, hard work, friendship, accepting losing, and the fun of joining a competition with peers. We love Feliks, such a  beautiful boy, physically and personality wise.

Q: Have you watched any good documentary lately? What’s your favorite snack?

One thought on “Day 168: Sunday funs

  1. Ooh! I need to find that documentary!!! My boys went through a phase this past year where they were both obsessed with rubix cubes. They bought all these different kinds (“speed cubes”), and my older son especially studied all the patterns and could solve one in a matter of seconds. Lately they haven’t been doing them as much but I know they would LOVE this. Thanks for the recommendation!


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