Day 169: working holiday + bullet journal system

It was holidays in the Philippines but i had to work most of the day while the kids had play dates, so overall a productive day for all. Today i want to recap my experience with bullet journaling so far.

I started bullet journal on August 9 and consistently journal every day throughout August. I am really enjoying it.
Things that I like:
– Start the day in a positive mindset as I am in control of my day.
– It forces me to prioritise essential tasks that need to be completed and be realistic about how long each will take.
– It reminds me of habits I want to start/keep.
– It keeps me accountable and reinforce good progress and correct not-so-good ones.
– It keeps a record of how I spend my days and find pattens of what makes a good or bad day.
– It makes me feel more organised and not overwhelmed by all things that I need to do regardless of how big or small they are, which if not sorted them out, they add equal amount of stress.

My current system. Things that I track

Important days for the rest of 2020, I write them as I remember them, not necessarily chronologically
IMG 6419

Things I want to do


Tracking books read and assigned ratings (1 to 5)


Monthly mood and sleep trackers (I discovered that I function well with 7 hrs)

Fullsizeoutput 13104

Monthly goals and habits to track (for September)

Weekly spread (forgot to include August 31 as it’s a holiday)


Daily entries include:

  • Habits to track
  • Steps/Scree time/Worked hours
  • Exercise
  • Book
  • Work tasks (limiting to 3-5 max)
  • Family tasks (adding only after work tasks are decided)
  • Gratitude
  • Highlight or quote of the day

I am pretty minimalist and track only things that help me to get organised and brings me joy. I am sure I’ll change things as I get more used to it to find an optimal system, but so far I like this, A LOT!

Okay.. back to work… a pretty hectic day šŸ™‚

One thought on “Day 169: working holiday + bullet journal system

  1. Looks great! I haven’t really had time to work out a more complex system like that yet. I like the idea of it but I feel like I’m already pretty maxed out with what I already do for tracking- I have a habit tracker I fill out, plus my “highlight journal’ I’ve mentioned…then of course just updating and keeping my regular calendar…the blog…I don’t really feel like I have time for more right now. I did make a notebook this year with ongoing pages for goals, and i have a books list in there, a 20 in 2020 list, etc. but I don’t update it or look at it everyday or anything. Your stuff all looks great though!


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