Day 170: Mindfulness August + intention for September

I spent 21 days of August focusing mindfulness. The concept is very broad and seems hard in this digital hectic life with a lot of distractions. Yet, I knew I needed to try it to seek peace and joy in everyday life. I made it actionable in small things:

  1. meditate 5+ min a day in AM
  2. not checking email before official start of work day (usually 8 am)
  3. no social media during the day
  4. eat without devise
  5. only listen to music when running/walking/crafting, not when I cook/shower/brush teeth/with the family
  6. no multi-tasking like tune in to a meeting and check email, or watch a movie with the phone
  7. no email checking over the weekend

These were hard at first, but after 1 week or so they became easier. 3 weeks later, they became habit.

  1. I look forward to morning meditation
  2. I stop having urge when i finish my run to check emails, even when I really needed to get answer of something rather urgent
  3. I deleted FB, instagram and non-essentials apps last weekend. They don’t bring joy to me, so why keep them?
  4. If i eat while checking email nowadays, I immediately stop and transfer to the dining table, as if I wouldn’t enjoy the meal otherwise.
  5. Best thoughts come out of shower is real!
  6. I am getting so much more out of meetings these days as I’m fully engaged and can contribute more.
  7. Really good to unplug this way and even my boss had to excused himself when he sent a text over the weekend.

I will continue these and they make me a calmer, more positive, happier person. The best prove of that? I take comments/feedback so positively these days. Yesterday we had an important meeting and many important people had a lot of feedback on my work. few months ago, I would have taken them as criticism, but now I was genuinely thankful for their constructive feedback, which I believe will improve my work.

For September, I want to FIND JOY in daily life and capture them through pictures or writing down quotes that resonates me or make me smile.

Quote for the day:

Sofia: If I want something expensive, I will write to Santa. 

2 sec later

Sofia: Is it that you buy it or is it really Santa brings it?

Me: you think about it. 

1 sec later

Sofia and Lizzy together: Santa! (obviously)


One thought on “Day 170: Mindfulness August + intention for September

  1. Love it!! I may steal your tips! I would really like to stop so much constant back and forth with my phone. This is an ongoing thing for me. I get better about it, then worse, then better…I just really don’t like the feel that I “have” to constantly be checking in on it. I don’t know that I want to delete things like FB/IG as they do bring me entertainment, but I would like to use it much less than I do, and less reflexively. I like your idea of not using it during the day. I have done this in the past- check social media, phone, etc at a couple certain times during the day and that’s it. It works great…but lately I haven’t been doing that again.


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