Day 180: Sofia getting back to running

The other day I saw a picture of a dad running with his college daughter, both so looking very strong! I said to myself that I want to have that special bound with Sofia, and I need to keep strong and running for decades to come.

Sofia hasn’t run since Sunday kids run event was cancelled due to COVID, which is unfortunate because I really would love to run with her more, and starting early is key. So yesterday I asked her if she’d like to get back into running, I can run with her twice a week. Since she is still in the age of absolutely loving to do anything with me, she graciously said yes. Our goal yesterday was to run nonstop 20 min. I realised that it was not an easy task even for adult beginner runner. But Sofia did it and almost without complain except one time she asked me to go slower.

our morning was slow…. Lizzy taking a drawing break during his ice cream shop “hours”


hubby practicing


I made new loaf of bread and an apple cake, then prepared a full lunch. Now that I’m back to office, weekday lunch is simple so weekend lunch spread feels special.

Fullsizeoutput 131a7

Afternoon was spent with hubby watching a new mystery series, very addicting. We also took a nap, the best weekend activity! 😀 And ended the evening with more series binge watching with popcorn while the girls enjoyed their weekly TV hour, with ice cream and popcorns.

Continuing the series of main takeaways from Deep Work


Many assume that they can switch between a state of distraction and one of concentration as needed, but it is not the case. Once you are wired for distraction, you crave it. So Cal suggests that we schedule in advance when we’ll use internet/social media as distraction, and then avoid it altogether outside these limits.  

The idea behind this strategy is that the use of a distracting service does not, by itself, reduce your brain’s ability to focus. It is instead the constant switching from low-stimulus/high-value activities (deep work) to high-stimulus/low value activities (internet browsing), at the slightest hint of boredom or cognitive challenge, that teaches your mind to never tolerate an absence of novelty.

Basically we need to rewire our brain to be comfortable resisting distracting stimuli. This doesn’t mean we have to eliminate distracting behaviours; it is sufficient that we eliminate the ability of such behaviours to hijack our attention.

For me, it means no social media nor mindless internet search during my working hours. If by the end of the day, I want to do those things, I’ll do. But I find most of the days, I don’t. I’d choose a book, crafting, or a walk instead to let my mind rest instead of filling more information on top of work loads. 

One thought on “Day 180: Sofia getting back to running

  1. Awesome! Go Sofia Go! Do you guys have to wear masks outside?? Seems like that would be hard to run in!! Streets look so empty. But I don’t know the rules over there. Here we don’t need masks on outside, only indoors. Sounds like a good balance to run just a couple times a week with her. You need your solo runs, too! But what a great way to instill the love of the sport in her.


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