Day 201: social day & what books, travels, podcast have in common

We had a social day planned for Saturday. After Sofia’s morning classes, we went to her friends’ house for lunch and played Majong! I baked an apple cake for afternoon snack. Girls were super excited for the extended social day. We left their place at 4pm. While the girls went to the pool for more play and social time, I needed to regroup and spent time alone. Husband had too much alcohol so took a nap.

While I enjoy social interaction with other families, extended period exhausts me because it was constant talking. I don’t feel the same when I spend time with my extended family, but with friends sometimes I feel that I need to be polite and engage in conversations which requires mental effort. With my family or best friends, I am fine being together in silence, just enjoying being together.

I hesitated among few options to unwind and regroup myself: reading, crafting, watch a movie, take a nap, or watch a documentary. I chose the later. I started Inside Bill’s brain a while ago and found it too slow and couldn’t engage/enjoy it. But now that my mind is less distracted, calmer, I really enjoyed the documentary. When I watch something while scrolling down the social media, my mind is split in both parts or none of them, so for those movies/books that actually require full attention, I can’t multi-task to enjoy it.

Girls continued their playdate with a movie, Saturday tradition, and continued until they fell asleep around 8pm. Husband and I thought they’ll stay up late, first sleepover, but the whole day activity exhausted them too as we hear no more noise after 8:15pm.

IMG 0011

I think Sofia’s definitely an extrovert, she can and prefers to be with her friends 24/7.

Thoughts about books, podcasts, travel and movies.

These are all things that bring me joy, some requires more resources than others (podcast is free and travels could be expensive). I realised that I love them for few common reasons:

  • they open my mind to new world/people/thoughts
  • they humble me as they make me realise how little I know
  • they take my mind off to places that I’ve never imagined
  • they take me out of my comfort zone
  • they teach me something
  • they expand my world

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