Day 206: I am so ready for vacation

Our family friend is joining us for the Boracay trip! YAY! They almost decided not to go for all the logistics arrangements that needed to be done, but as I am determined for this trip, they decided to join. Hotel booked, flight re-booked, covid test booked! We are so ready!!! I told my friend, yes, it’s more complicated to travel now and more expensive (covid test costs more than 100 USD per person!!!) but when we get there, it will be all worth it!

Yesterday I realised I need a break. I’ve been working nonstop since January and i’m reaching to a point of burn out. Drama, crisis management, last minutes requests, they keep coming and there is just limited mental space and energy I have left to deal with them, so it’s time for a real break.

I’ll commit not to check email and ask my team to text/call me in case of emergency. I want to be on the beach with a good book the whole time. 😀


Pic from last year trip to Boracay with another friend family who moved to Brazil. Funny enough, the family we are going with took the job of our friend who left. Funny enough, I genuinely love both families!

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