Day 205: gradual changes

I’ve started the mindfulness journey in August and it is becoming easier to centre my mind. The process also empower me to go further. I’ve adopted few more changes since October 1:

  • I‘ve move my phone from my bedside to another room. I don’t really know why always had it by my bed, for emergency? for middle of the night wake up entertainment? for catching up on messages while I was sleeping? none of them are important if I think about them. Actually, they either keep me awake in the middle of the night, or stress me out upon waking up. So I’ve moved it out for overnight charging and honestly it was not hard. Now, the last thing I look at before falling sleep is either my journal or a book.
  • Block phone apps between 6pm and 7am except for messages and podcast. I’ve already started to not work and check emails on my phone during this period, but sometimes (very few times) it’s tempted to just check one more thing. So the block is simply a reminder that during those 13 hrs, I should focus on my family and myself.
  • I am waking up between 4am-4:30am. I know, insane but the 30 min more than before gives me time to write my blog, medicate, and 10-15 min yoga. I find yoga in the early morning is an extension of the 5 min meditation. I love it.
  • Read before start to work. This is something new, I’ve started to read 20-30 min when I get to the office, usually nonfiction to start the day with mindfulness. I am still fighting the urge to check my emails and start tackling the to-do list, but each day it gets easier and it contributes to my mindfulness.
  • Work in the office ONLY. This one is hard as many times I have meetings or things I can’t finish in the office. But in an ideal world, I won’t turn on the laptop at home so I can spend time catching up with the girls and do crafting/walking with them.

Yesterday I finished this book and absolutely LOVED it! I wasn’t sure how a book about reading could be, what would you talk about since reading life is so personal. But it exceeded my expectations. I had it on my hand while I was making coffee, heating my lunch in the office, and even on my walk back to home. I was nodding my head all the way. It’s a short, cute book  perfect for an avid reader. I don’t consider myself avid reader given my time limits, but I love it and this book tells me why I love it.

IMG 0047

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