Intuitive Saturday

After 9 hrs of glorious sleep. I woke on Friday refreshed but also lazy. I decided that I’ll take the day off and just whatever sounds good at the moment.
I meditated for 20 min, did 40 min gentle yoga, and didn’t feel like running. So I didn’t. Instead I jumped to the cold water pool and swim. It was quite an experience. As I laid out in my plan, being cold is good shock to the body for anti-ageing purpose. What I didn’t expect is the mental effect. I probably swim for 20 min without long stops. I didn’t feel cold but very awake and energised. When I checked the clock, only 20 min passed but it felt a lot longer, just like when you wake up from a sweet dream. I definitely should do this more often.
After the cold, I took a hot bath, even napped for few minutes. Then I called my mom. I haven’t called her for a while as she was traveling for two weeks in China. We talked about 45 min and it was nice to catch up.
Then I went to Costco because when veggie stock is low i the house, I get anxious. So I stocked up, saw some beautiful celery to make juices.IMG 0781
I made a celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger juice. Very strong but it did good to my stressed GI.

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Then I finished writing my journal for the day before and wrote down a passage about control and love that I really like from Untamed. Girls were doing distance learning, and Lizzy was very busy with her class. I don’t know why she needed tooth brush and helmet for her class though

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Made an easy lunch for the family, mayonnaise free egg salad that they all loved! instead of mayonnaise that husband forgot to buy, I made it with whipped tahini. Yum.


after lunch, I read, then took a nap (it seems that I really needed some sleep). Also did some crating while Sofia had her spanish class. After her class, she really wanted to go out for a walk but she still had to do mandarin homework. She spent two hours doing it. She finished late and I felt bad for her. Mandarin is so hard, I felt sympathised. So even though it was late, we still went for a walk. She was quiet for the first half but by the second half, she was ok.

As parent, I feel bad seeing my kid suffer but I also know this is part of the learning process. Being challenged, getting frustrated is needed to get out of the comfort zone.

I enjoyed the 100% intuitive day… no plans but to pause each moment what I want to do at that moment. Need to practice this more often.

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