Annoying patient & a video

I am that annoying patient that questions doctor’s diagnosis, prescriptions, that needs to understand the thought process by which the doctor reaches to his diagnosis. hahhaa… i’m probably any doctor’s nightmare.

After the eye doctor that prescribed me anti-inflammation drops and preserve-free lubricants and no contact lens for a week, I needed to find out if I am allergic to anything since I’ve had several allergy attacks the last couple of days. I was expecting to go in an out of the office, get an order for allergy test, and done with it. To my surprise, the doctor I met was not in a rush. He asked many questions, looked at my eyes, and his diagnosis was surprising at first but then it made sense. He said the cause of my allergy attack was the dryness in my eye area. Whether it’s caused by overuse of contact lens, over-cleaning, insufficient hydration and moisture is not clear. But what he saw is that my eye area looks very dry, which makes the area very sensitive. So when I get exposed to sun, it acts like a sunburn, which triggers allergy reaction.

It took me a while to believe him as I believe nothing in my routine changed. Maybe I’m taking better care of my skin now (which could be the culprit) but it made sense because I only have trouble when I’m exposed to sun. If I go out at dawn or after sunset, my eyes don’t get irritated nor get allergy attacks.


Solution? keep the area very moisture and apply steroid for few days (according to him, less than 3 days is not harmful). I got the medicine and put a tiny bit before going to bed.

So I’m taking week off from contact lens, two types of drops 3 times a day, and make sure to have my eyes area moisture. Hopefully it works out.

I went to sleep again before 8pm, taking it slow during PMS is a new concept to me, but I’m learning to be intuitive and follow my body signals more and better. 🙂

My low energy the last two days translated to stare at my girls as they played. They were really funny, using a pillow and a toy egg filled with bits as shaker, and they formed a band 🙂 When did we lose our creativity? Really need to work hard to keep creativity in them for as long as possible.

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