Extra lazy day

I had an extra lazy day mostly at home as I woke up tired. Few minutes after I got to the office, I had a seemingly panic attack, feeling lack of breath and weakness. I asked husband to pick me up and went home. I was feeling dizzy and weak so the more I thought about it, the more I got scared, thus panic attack (isn’t COVID has lack of breath as symptom?).

I suspect the low energy level and dizziness was caused by a combination of bad quality of sleep, PMS, not used to wear glasses all day long instead of my usual contact lens. Fortunately once I met husband, I was fine although still feel like doing nothing. I had booked an eye exam as my dry eyes/allergy was still not improving. The visit was rather long as the doctor did a full examination including my retina. Not surprising, it was caused by long term use of contact lenses (since I was 16 years old) and long hours in the computer (do I have a choice?). As we age, oureyes tend to get drier so these episodes of dry and eyes inflammation happen more often. I was asked to take a break from lenses, and then use two types of drops for a week.

Oh well…. that resolved half of my problem. Tomorrow I’ll see an allergy specialist to identify what’s causing my allergy.

The rest of the day was spent laying on the couch, napping, working inefficiently, and watch the girls doing their things.

I am grateful that I didn’t have urgent tasks on a Monday which let me take the needed rest day.

I will find out the role of hormones on energy levels throughout the month. I am suspecting my roller coaster energy level these last few days are hormone induced. That’s my research topic for December then.

Do you ever notice differences in your quality of sleep and energy level throughout your monthly cycle?

2 thoughts on “Extra lazy day

  1. I have actually worn contact lenses since I was 9 years old!! And I wear them ALL day, every day. I used to have issues with dry eyes a lot (and am still prone to that), but many years ago now I switched to a brand called Air Optix Night and Day. They allow extra oxygen through and have been GREAT. You might consider checking into them and see if they might work for you.

    I can’t say I have ever really noticed specific times in the month that my energy is low. I mean, sometimes I notice that, but I’ve never noticed a specific pattern. I guess I’ve never really paid too much attention. Sometimes I feel like I get “crabby” or cranky more easily but again, I’ve never really noticed if it’s due to lack of sleep, something else or just random. I should consider paying closer attention to it, now that I think of it.


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