Big milestones before end of the year

We accomplished two big milestones before end of 2020.

#1 Sofia is getting back to golf. This is BIG!!! She started two years ago and abandoned it due to lack of interest. After a lot of thoughts, I really want her to get back for few reasons: 1) we can finally have a family outing activity; 2) it’s a crime not to learn such a sport in the PH where is so affordable; 3) it looks good on her. hahahah….. So I’ve been thinking about how to get her back for a while because once the damage is done is hard to reverse. The solution I found? play with her! So we are starting classes together. She’d take two classes per week, I’ll practice by her side, and I’ll take a class myself separately. Most importantly, give her a LOT of positive reinforcement, which is really the ONLY way to get kids to do things.

The first class went GREAT, more than great! She played until the last minute of the class, 3 basket of balls nonstop by her own will. The teacher was giving her a lot of positive encouragement too! Obviously she didn’t do it perfectly but that doesn’t matter in the beginning. Get her interested was our #1 priority and we accomplished it beyond expectation. She absolutely loved the experience. When we came back, she says her golf days are her favorite day of the week, and asked me when is her next class.


Another fun thing was the gifts I got from a colleague, one that is semi-boss but I totally ignored him due to incompetence. What I found funny is that he was actually thoughtful to pick the gifts and left them in my office. I don’t think anyone in the office got birthday gifts from him. That says something right?

Fullsizeoutput 13b40

Two new recipes made: one custard egg with shrimp, an instant family favourites!


Custard egg with shrimp

  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup of chicken stock or water
  • 4-5 shrimps chopped
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 1 tsp of sugar
  • sesame oil


  1. beat egg and add the cooled stock and seasoning
  2. boil a steamer
  3. steam for 10-12 min
  4. add drops of sesame oil

Second new dish: japanese white stew. Sofia and hubby liked it, Lizzy and her friend didn’t.


for my lunch I made a vegetable stir fry with noodles with soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar and siracha.

Fullsizeoutput 13b45

second big milestone: FINISHED LEGO!!!


this set is not easy and took Sofia months to finish. She abandoned it many many times because it’s hard and I am no use to help her ( i can’t understand the instructions). But I didn’t want her to abandon her projects when they get hard. So I encouraged her to continue, to persevere, to trust herself she CAN, and be there for her to push small pieces without crumbling the whole structure. And she finally finished it!!! She was so thrilled about it. She thanked me to encourage her to believe in herself. She said: i don’t think there’s a better mom than my mom. Really!

My eyes got wet.


I am so grateful for Sofia appreciating my effort, and positive reinforce my parenting skills. It’s so hard but so rewarding.

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