Our vacation days at home

Our next beach trip is a week away and I thought we’d be “bored” to be at home with no plans. Well…. I’m happy to report that actually we’ve been doing a lot. My to-do list is long and I wonder how did I get all these done while I was working full time?! hahaha…..

Sofia and I do some sort of exercise in the mornings now that there’s no school at 8am. My legs are still sore from the 40km last weekend, so slow jog works perfect for me.


I haven’t made any new recipe the whole month, so I wrote down a couple to try before end of the year. First was a vegan hash brown quiche made with a base of hash browns, topped with a egg-less mixture made with tofu, nutritional yeast, spices, and broccoli.


then I made shoyo egg for the family, those eggs that usually go with ramen. It came out perfectly but for some reason our egg lover Lizzy didn’t like it.


a big project we did was declutter. We finished Lizzy, Sofia, and my closets in 2 days. I gave two bags of my clothes to the daughter of my previous helper, and 8 bags of clothes and toys for donation. I love decluttered home! Still need to do the studio and book shelves.


Sofia had a playdate and the girl stayed for lunch. Pizza was on the menu.


my oura ring arrived!!! I’m so excited to see what it can teach me about my body.

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I tried their “moments” 10 min meditation. Look how HR drops when I mediated. so cool!

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In the afternoons quiet time, I mostly read while girls stay in their rooms. Yesterday I accompanied Sofia to do her lego project. She wouldn’t do it alone as it’s hard, so she needs my encouragement. WE are almost there finishing.

Lizzy loves to give me goodnight kiss… soooo cute.


Staycation is not too bad. I still have a lot of things I want to do before year end, like reflecting 2020 and set intentions for 2021. Not an easy task but I’m getting there 🙂

One thought on “Our vacation days at home

  1. YES…decluttering definitely feels incredible. I always want to do more but it’s one of those projects that ends up taking a long time, so I often end up putting it off. This was one of the first Christmases were we didn’t have a bunch of toys and stuff coming into the house. It’s nice that the boys are older now, so many of their gifts are either like clothes/ things that get put away in their drawers, or books, or just smaller items like new socks or a new hat. NO MORE big boxes of toys and stuff like that!!! Yay. 🙂


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