40 thoughts on turning 40

Self growth
1. Meditation works. I hesitated to try for a long time and finally tried it during the pandemic. It calms my mind and sets a positive tone to my day.
2. Running is therapy
3. Memoire and personal essays is my favorite genre for reading
4. Slowdown, witness the joys of ordinary days
5. Journaling helps me to slowdown, dump thoughts, record my days, ideas, and moments.
6. Sleep determines my health, mood, eating habit, and productivity for the day.
7. Food is fuel, honor body needs. I’d rather eat when hungry than structured meal times.
8. Intermittent Fasting is easier than I thought. I’m comfortably IF 16 hrs most of the days. (separate post to come)
9. Learn to be ok not to love something that I probably should (diving, social events)
10. Preserving my solo time is a MUST.
Family and love
11. Parenting is nudging, providing the incentives, and hope for the best
12. My girls have different preferences and characters, but love is all they need.
13. Family time is limited, enjoy while it lasts.
14. Funny moments and unexpected quotes from the girls are precious.
15. I’m so lucky to be these two girls safe heaven, loving source, best chef, walking and travel buddy.
16. Marriage is a process of cultivation.
17. Not all arguments need a resolution.
18. Respect the other person’s need, even different than my own, is part of loving.
19. Love the person as he is, not the one I want him to be.
20. Show love often through their love languages. In my case, husband’s love language is physical connection, doing things together, and food.
21. Long term friendships get better with time.
22. New friendship is possible even at later life stages.
23. Not all friends are equal intensity and duration. Some are just friends at certain life stages and that is ok.
24. Friendships need investment too. Show appreciation and gratitude when possible and often.
25. Best way to deal with difficult people is to have compassion.
26. True leader inspires, acknowledges, and supports teams.
27. Leadership is about giving space to teams even knowing I could do faster and better.
28. The best job in the world always end up being about helping people in need.
29. Be mindful of the limit of my influence and not to be too pushy.
30. I don’t need to be busy to be effective.
31. Work hard and have fun are equally important. 
32. Building trust with teams and clients take time and mindfulness. 

33. My favorite people are my family. During the pandemic being at home 24/7 made me love and like them even more.
34. Giving back brings me so much joy and satisfaction
35. Family traditions we will keep include giving back, special birthday dining out, family movie nights with popcorns, reading evenings.
36. Reading dense books is a learnable skills.
37. Grateful for the true trust and respect from my team. We also have so much fun together.
38. We could survive any crisis as a family going forward if we thrived during the pandemic.
39. Pause before a compulsive action is crucial.

40. No matter the age, there is always more to learn and to grow.


2 thoughts on “40 thoughts on turning 40

  1. Love this list. I read these last couple posts on my phone the other day but had to come back and re-read on my computer. Very insightful!! I’m impressed. You are so good at summarizing your reflections and thoughts.


  2. My favorites from your list: the one about journaling, how you’re lucky to be your girls safe haven, and you don’t need to be busy to be effective. Thanks for sharing your insights.


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