Celebrating 40

40 seems a big milestone to reach and it’s finally here. I will share my thoughts in the next post but in this post I want to share how I celebrated it.

Because I am Christmas baby and usually restaurants are closed on Dec 25, we went out for lunch on Dec 24, organised by husband, first time since we got together I think. hahaha….. It was nice not to have to do the logistic this time but dress up and go!


I was not surprised that husband picked up a vegan restaurant, the corner tree. It’s an old fashion restaurant that looked very homey.


I browsed the menu and selected some appetizers to share. A toasted bread with olive oil with mix of spices. Girls loved this one. Well…. they just love bread.

Fullsizeoutput 13a4e

a fritter with harissa sauce.

Fullsizeoutput 13a37

vegetable dumplings, loved by the kids.

Fullsizeoutput 13a45

for main, husband and I shared a thai vegetable curry

Fullsizeoutput 13a49

korean bibimbap, my favorite of the meal!


fried polenta with mushroom…. husband had most of it as I found it too salty. Girls had spaguetti with vegan meatball which they loved too.

Fullsizeoutput 13a3a

and carrot cake as dessert

Fullsizeoutput 13a52

overall the meal was really delicious. All family found something that we really liked. we forgot to take a family picture so we took it once we got back. I cherish every special occasion pictures. Is it a sign of turning 40 the need to capture all special moments? it’s like catching sand with my hands… but I keep trying.

Fullsizeoutput 13a56

The next day I woke up with gift and card from husband on my desk in the dark. It was super sweet of him and made me laugh at 5am. He got me the same birthday card that I gave him 15 days ago πŸ™‚


I spent the morning taking a long bath, reflecting what means turning 40 for me, what are my goals in my 40s which are definitely from 30s. 30s is the decade of change, graduating, getting a job, get married, have kids, settled into motherhood, consolidate marriage and friendships, found calling professionally, and became humble about oneself. What would 40 be? I’m hopeful and expectant.

Once I’ve had my slow morning, girls brought me their gifts. Lizzy got me a sweet card. She did the drawing, Sofia helped with the words.


Sofia went beyond my expectations. First they got me a very cute card. My takeaway is that she wants to be me and that I’m a good mom. Best compliment and recognition I can ask for.



then I got a set of decorating starts and a fake french fries. hahahha… not sure what they mean but I appreciate that she took days to make them.


and finally the most unexpected gift was a note and pen holder made with Lizzy’s old sock. hahahha…. she told me the day before that she’d spent many afternoon making something using old materials at home for me, that is also useful. It made me laugh….


Finally, when it got dark, I made a simple microwave cake and we blowed candles. It was lovely.

IMG 1640

My gift to myself was to run 40km in 40 hrs. I wanted to make it a memorable day but also knew 40km in one day seems impossible, it’s almost a marathon, and I didn’t do the training. So 40km in under 40 hrs sounded more feasible. Still, I didn’t force myself to do it but just entertained the idea and let my body decide if it’s ready. I also tried many times to run a 40, it was harder than I thought. Here’s my best attempt!

Fullsizeoutput 139c5

At the end, I made it to Β 40.01 km. I run 7 miles on 12/24, and then 18 miles on 12/25 split between AM (14 miles) and PM (5 miles). The PM miles were hard. I am not used to run in the afternoon, and after 14 miles in the AM, my body was tired and legs sore. The last 2 miles were especially hard, just like those when finishing a marathon. But I finished it strong and super grateful for my body to not let me down, which gave me confidence that 40 is not scary. I could still be strong if I take good care of myself.

IMG 1645

What a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday! πŸ™‚ I loved every part of my birthday, probably the best one in a long time.

One thought on “Celebrating 40

  1. Three thoughts: 1) Happy Birthday!! I didn’t realize you were a Christmas baby πŸ™‚ 2) It cracks me up that you went out on Dec 24th wearing that little dress. It was like, 4 degrees F here. Haha! 3) Your 40 km run is seriously impressive!!!! I occasionally wish that I were still into running….it did feel good to come home all sweaty and with a clear mind. But I don’t know if I actually want to get back into it. Maybe. We’ll see. πŸ™‚


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