Happy (Chinese) New Year

It was a few days of celebration that we all enjoyed and I am still recovering. I still feel the high and excited while my body is craving for some rest. hahaha…..

Thursday was the new year eve for the Lunar year. I was still working so had to cook lunch food at 8am before I went to office. According to chinese tradition, we honour our loved ones that passed away on this day, setting up food before noon. So husband prepared it all before noon and I rushed back home. The tradition is to serve fish, tofu, and two others as choice. The girls kept asking how grandpa could have eaten if the food was not touched. Oh well….

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we had lunch then I went back to office. When I came back, the girls were taking a nap in preparation to stay up late.

Fullsizeoutput 13d2f

at 4:30pm, I started cooking. Since it was just the four of us, we made fewer dishes than if we host. I made a beef curry stew with carrot and potato, probably first time I cook beef for over a year ago.

Fullsizeoutput 13d1c

I made rice cake, actually a local tradition for chinese immigrants. It was surprisingly easy to make and really yummy as dessert

Fullsizeoutput 13d22

tofu with mushrooms

Fullsizeoutput 13d1f

steamed fish

Fullsizeoutput 13d2c

also few vegetable dishes and strawberries. Girls love strawberries but they are soooo expensive so we only buy them on special occasion

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it was a lovely dinner. I am grateful to spend time cooking for the family, who really enjoyed the meal. We were quite stuffed after dinner but still had assorted snacks as we prepared to watch the chinese new year show. The girls were excited to stay up late to watch the show. I said goodnight to them at 8pm as I had to rise early the next day. At the end, they went to bed before 9:30pm anyway as they got sleepy. Husband stayed up to finish the show past midnight.

celebration to be continued…..

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