New Year started with good friends and golfing

I planned a trail run/walk with my favorite people in the Philippines. My alarm was set at 4am but I woke up at 3am, like if I nee to catch a flight. πŸ˜†

We started our run/walk, me running with my adopted son, and the others walked, at 7am. I LOVE LOVE LOVE trail run. It keeps me entertained to avoid tripping, listening to the birds, and just the sound of the forecast soothes me. My adopted son unfortunately tripped 10 min into the run, so we split later one. I did 7 miles in 90 min, slower than usual as expected but super pumped.

IMG 2193

then I joined the walkers for a while

IMG 2187

I packed breakfast for all of us, some baking goodies, my homemade rice cakes, pomelo, coconut water and chocolate milk


we spent two hours chatting. It was just so nice to leisurely talk about whatever, maybe some work, but mostly sharing our ideals, plans, thoughts about whatever. The wife was probably a bit bored as the economists talk dominated the conversation

IMG 2189

super fun activity, definitely to be repeated. To me, other than spending time with my blood family, is to spend time with good friends, doing some physical activity, outdoor, and a lot of heart to heart chat. Nothing else makes me happier!

IMG 2185

I got home just before noon, and the girls were eagerly waiting to get their red envelopes (with money), a chinese tradition on the first day of the year.


so happy to get so much, thanks to grand parents.

Z6y8hV OSBeNB9NOb3Xocg

I had to take a nap before our next outing, first golfing as a family to 9 holes.


Love the sunset view and being outdoor on the greens


we all did terribly on our first time on the greens, but we joked about how bad we did, and really enjoyed it anyway. Even our coach was saying: it doesn’t matter if you are not doing well as long as you are enjoying it, and we definitely did.


I especially loved to be doing this with Sofia. She kept thanking me for taking her to play and play with her.

Ey1rLAiqRyaMHUa EUXqJw

when we got home, Lizzy was playing a tea party with our helper. She’s so generous to be fine at home alone and didn’t make us feel guilty. We ate leftovers dinner and baked goodies, and walked half episode of Home Alone.

Great way to start the year. But today I need to catch with some good sleep and normal food. My body is craving some normalcy after just two days of not sleeping and eating properly. πŸ˜‰

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