Mini vacation continued

It felt like a mini vacation this long weekend. It officially started Thursday afternoon at 3pm when I started preparing for chinese new year eve dinner. Then Friday happened which left me with super good mood for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday I first went to acupuncture, which is working. Then had a quick lunch at home before going to the mall with husband alone, first time since the pandemic. It felt indulgent. I went there to buy a golfing outfit but they had limited selection, so we ended up buying a bracelet set for the girls. When we were leaving, we saw beautifully arranged flowers and it reminded us that it was Valentines the next day. We both forgot about it and don’t usually celebrate it. I teased husband to buy me a bouquet, it was 160 USD for bouquet, insane! To me surprise, husband said, give me an discount and I’ll give you money to buy something you like. 😆 I was not expecting it so I gladly accepted the “gift” and thanked him. Was he planning to buy me something when we left? Anyway, I love spontaneous and surprise gift.

Girls played a bit with their bracelet set before we head out for a outdoor meet up with Sofia’s classmates. It was the first time she met with some classmates that are new this year. It was surreal. They didn’t do much other than running around the park and play with the doggie.

Sofia always wanted to have a dog for herself, she finally played with one for a good while.


Sunday morning started with another break through, I run with two running mate, first time ever since the pandemic. We did half marathon which was planned a while ago. I wasn’t planning to actually finish it as I felt still tired from the trail run, but these two ladies kept me going and I finished it strong. I really miss our Sunday group runs that ends with a big spread of breakfast. hope to have it back soon.

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When I got home, Sofia was having a zoom call with her babyhood friend. They met when they were 1 year old in the daycare and had their first sleepover before we left the US, just few months before they turn 5. Since then, they didn’t talk to each other except occasional exchange of their drawings. The other girl is also Sofia and currently living in Mexico city, soon to be back to the US. I kept in touch with her mom and had arranged this call last week. I wasn’t sure they’d actually talk since it has been so long since they met. But they just talked like old friends for an hour and half, even played some games over zoom. I was so amazed by their openness.

Golf followed. It was a rather cool day, so we all had a good time, including Lizzy who happily enjoyed her lollipop while she waited.


I took another nap after lunch, third time in a row over this mini break. When I woke up, I felt I’ve slept for a long time when I actually only slept 40 min. power nap is my friend. Then I read for the rest of the afternoon before the family woke up.

Sofia made a chocolate muffin for daddy and mommy for the Valentines day. I took out the ingredients for her and she did the rest. Unfortunately she put 1 tbsp of baking soda instead of 1 tsp, so the final product was less than ideal, but daddy happily ate them.

To “celebrate” Valentines, husband I watched a movie about rescue team, not very romantic but we both enjoyed it. Girls came to join us when they finished dinner and I kept starring at lizzy’s chubby cute feet. I want to eat it so much!!! Probably one of my favorite things about her, which is the mini cute version of daddy’s foot.


While we didn’t go anywhere near the water, I felt like I had a mini vacation, so relaxed and recharged for the work week.

2 thoughts on “Mini vacation continued

  1. Sounds so nice!! I can tell you are really happy and excited to be slowly reintroducing some “pre-pandemic” things into your life!!! And LOL about Sofia’s baking mistake…oh well! So cute that she is baking for you guys. That’s how they learn, right?? 🙂 Congrats on your half marathon run! There is no WAY I could do that right now…I haven’t run in ages. Sometimes I feel like I want to start running more again, but most days I don’t!! hahaha….Maybe once it warms up. I like the idea of incorporating just a couple days of running, but the thing with running is that if you don’t do it a LOT it never really gets easier…so I’ve been sticking to walks which I sometimes enjoy more as I don’t really do it for “exercise” but more just the relaxing aspect/ time outside. Then I do a separate “workout”. Are you still doing that strength training program? Just wondering if you ended up liking it or not.


  2. I’m still doing melissa wood workouts, they are short and sweet. I still don’t see me doing real weight workouts. I don’t seem to have patience for more than 20 min to do so.


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