Easing back to work & cycle symptoms

I had zero mental and physical energy to go back to office this Monday. Mentally I was not focused, physically I was tired due to the half marathon and getting into 4th week of my cycle. My plan for the week: be gentle. I don’t have big deliverable this week so I’ll take it slow, read materials in preparation for the big presentation next week, be intuitive with my thoughts and take frequent breaks. It is working well. Once I lowered the expectation and had a achievable plan, I felt calm.

Monday first order of business was to get Lizzy’s beloved baby doll using money from the red envelop she got from grandmas. She was sooooo thrilled!!! It’s amazing how little kids need to be happy. She has been wanting to have a baby doll to take care of, the waiting made it extra special.

IMG 2266

she was proudly showing to her teacher during zoom class. Her face is priceless.

IMG 2265

My obsession with Tim Ferriss continued. I started reading this book last week, few chapter per day before I start work, and I absolutely love it. Although it’s a big book, if I allowed myself, I can probably finish it in one day. But it’s so good that I want to savour it slowly, few chapters per day, taking notes, and thinking about those quotes.

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On Tuesday afternoon, hubby and I went to a couple massage. It felt extra special during week day and we loved it. When we came home, dinner was ready, so fortunate we are!!!

Few findings from tracking my energy/sleep/eating habits for the last 3 months with oura ring and journaling.

  • Energy level peaks in the first 10 days of my cycle, I run faster and recover faster.
  • Mood also peaks in those days, I feel invincible.
  • Sleep is great during the first 10-14 days, averaging 7-8 hrs, scoring above 85 in oura.
  • Not very hungry in general, and gravitates in clean simple food.
  • Digestive system works well.
  • Energy levels starts to go down slowly after ovulation steadily.
  • My resting heart rate goes above the average 2-3 beats. My lowest resting heart rate while sleeping is 40. After ovulation it goes to 42-43.
  • Temperature also goes up after ovulation, between 0.1-0.4 degrees celsius
  • Increased resting heart rate and temperature means energy level bottoms. I run slower and feel fatigue easily.
  • Sleep quality goes down too, oura score averages 75, sleep averages 6.5-7 hrs.
  • Hungrier than normal, need bigger portions, and gravitates in comfort food.
  • Digestive system slows down.

Knowing these patterns allow me to be gentle with myself during the second half and push myself during the energy peak week. Being intuitive and gentle is my motto.

Q: Do you notice how cycle affects you? 

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