What my kids will remember of me

7pm in the kitchen, me and Lizzy.

I was taking magnesium.

Lizzy: what are you eating mama?

Me: supplement.

Lizzy: why are you taking medicine?

Me: because I am getting old.

Lizzy: I don’t want you to die. Who will cook food if you die?

Me: well… you ask papa to find another mama who can cook.

Lizzy: okay. I’ll tell him that.


It made me wonder if I ever leave this world, what will my girls remember of me? My guess is they would probably say: mama cooks the best food in the world, she runs and read a lot, she doesn’t like messy house. She takes us to travel. She is there to protect us if we don’t feel well.

that is… I think that would be their image of me. I’ll ask Sofia to confirm it today πŸ™‚

Taking a step back and think how my girls see me remind me to live my values.

My husband, my friends, my relatives will probably have a different image of me. Isn’t interesting that we show different side of us to different people in our lives? Not intentionally, just happens that way.

On a separate note, I booked 2 beach trips for our summer break! I don’t think we can leave the Philippines during girls school summer break, which is two months long. It is depressing to know we don’t have big trips planned, but at least we can do smaller trips within the Philippines. Given that flights and hotels are relatively cheap at the moment, I made the decision to book two trips, one to Cebu and one to Siargao. I showed the girls travel vlogs of these places and they are super excited, so do I! πŸ˜‰

Now we have 3 upcoming trips to beaches: March (Coron), June (Cebu), and July (Siargao). Yay!!!

One thought on “What my kids will remember of me

  1. Hahaha so funny. I’m sure they will remember so many wonderful things of you someday. Probably all those walks, reading together and your family travels, plus many little things you don’t even realize. I think back on my childhood sometimes and some of my most nostalgic, favorite moments are times that my parents probably weren’t even aware of…for example, my Dad used to get up early for work (before the time I had to get up for school) and I would wake up and lie in bed listening to the sound of him packing lunches, with the news on the TV quietly from down the hall…he always used to make himself a hot chocolate each morning (funny, I know, but he isn’t a coffee drinker and didn’t used to drink tea- now he drinks tea in the mornings). Anyway I would hear the sound of him stirring the chocolate in his mug, the clinking sound. Every morning. Haha. Just thinking of that makes me smile and feel warm inside, but he probably never even knew I was awake or could hear him.


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