Good start of the week

It started with some yoga, followed by morning walk with Lizzy while Sofia practiced piano. One of my goals (probably The goal) for March is to take more walks with the girls. They love it, I love it, so why not do more? While we walked, the chatty box kept asking me questions:” mama, xxxxx”. By the end of it, I decided that next time we walked alone, I’ll count the times she says “mama”, probably in the order of hundreds. 😆 Simply too cute.

I got to office past 8am and spent the first hour planning March, setting up pages for the trackers, goals, lists, etc. When I did that, I felt a sense of new beginning, although totally superficial. I try to live in the present moment, but looking forward brings me joy as it means possibilities of change, improvement, new memories that are mostly under my control. I can make them happen, I can shape how they turn out.

It was a quiet day as I didn’t have scheduled meetings and just few quick calls. I like to smoothly transition to work mode after a long weekend so I don’t feel rushed, exhausted early on during the week. I left office 4pm feeling accomplished but not finished. I was eager to see the girls. We chat a bit and then they went to swim while I worked a bit more.

I made a new sesame udon noodle dish that girls liked, again felt accomplished. Cooking is the quickest, easiest way to feel accomplishment. After dinner, we went for a walk with both girls. We enjoyed the breeze, the lights, and the evening vibe of Manila. Once home, girls quietly did homework for 15 min while snacking on a juicy watermelon.

I liked to read besides them to make them company while not overlooking exactly how/what they did. I prefer to let them be independent with homework and let some sloppiness go. Agency is more important than perfection at this age.

I am reading this book that has great reviews and unclear ending. I’m 2/3 way through and I still don’t know what’s happening (in a good way) which is so fascinating. Will probably finish today or tomorrow.



One thought on “Good start of the week

  1. I haven’t set up my March pages or anything yet, and for some reason, I don’t feel overly excited to this month. I will, but I just feel like I have a variety of misc. things going on right now and I don’t have as much extra time to dedicate to some of my personal goals right now. I think I will try to keep March light. Focus on some smaller, more easily attainable goals. I tend to burn myself out sometimes trying to do too many “daily” things which is not always realistic with our full time work schedules + all the kids’ stuff.


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