Weekend routines

Three days weekend should be the norm and not the exception! hehehe…. I feel relaxed/recharged after three days. I’ve told the girls that I’ll try to take Friday off or work part-time to be with them after their school is done. This came out not just for me but from Sofia. We’ve been talking about how to give feedback (negative mostly) for few days as I had to give it to my team. I was bouncing ideas and sharing what I learned with Sofia, and asked to practice with me. When I asked her how can I be a better mom? she thought about it for a long while and said: can you stay at home more? While school takes most of her day (8 to 2:30pm), she still enjoys having me at home just in case, or like safety blanket.  Her feedback and my own enjoyment to be dedicated mommy means that staying at home when I don’t need to do focus mental work would be a win-win.

Our Saturday started with a long run for me, 9+ miles. I usually do long run on Sunday but it was a cool saturday and I felt energetic, so I just kept going. Once home, girls already finished breakfast. after piano lesson and kumon zoom class, girls did some crafting.

lunch was ready

Fullsizeoutput 13f70

i ordered vegan rice rolls that came with two kinds of sauce. It was not as good as I expected for some reason but it was nice to have new thing to try for the girls.

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After lunch, we all took nap and followed by pool time for the girls while hubby and I went out for a walk.

Sunday: I woke up with a mild headache and had to stopped running at 4miles due to stomach pain. The mix of headache and stomach discomfort took over most of my morning. Yet, I accompanied the girls to do their math workbook


and made lunch for the family.


I made a korean glass noodle dish with tons of vegetables. Hubby likes it a lot!


and girls’ favorite potato with eggs. They jumped around for a while after they saw it, that’s how much they love it. Their comfort food.


I took a nap and finally woke up with headache gone. So I continued with my book, which is fascinating, I closed the last page by 9pm, went to bed content to have “known” Obama’s family. It is an inspiring story, full of wisdom. It’s people like them that makes America a strong country. 🙂


Over the weekend I also ordered 50+ books before the new policy comes into effect! I will probably keep ordering this week. hehehe… books are my comfort.

I also planned for Lizzy’s upcoming birthday, next Sunday. Unfortunately, like last year, we won’t be able to celebrate it with her friends, yet I want to make it special for her. I ordered balloons, decors, an unicorn cake and some cupcakes to deliver to her friends. Sofia and I both picked a gift for her, and I promised her I’ll make a menu for her to choose her meal that day. Hope she feels special despite the limitations.

Metro manila is extending the lockdown given the still over 10k cases per day, as expected. I try not to think about it too much as it is beyond my control what happens, but sometimes it’s really depressing to not seeing a light to the end of this pandemic. The only thing that keeps me optimistic is that we have a vaccine plan now (either in the PH or we go to the US), we WILL get vaccinated over the summer no matter where it has to be.

One thought on “Weekend routines

  1. So silly question but how will you get a vaccine in the USA when American’s that live in the USA can’t get the vaccine? I guess I don’t understand how that would work? Also, what policy is changing that limits your ability to get books?? I have only ever lived in the USA or England so I guess I am a little out of the loop there. I am so glad that other than the concerns about the covid numbers in your area that life is still going well. Can’t wait to hear about how you celebrate your daughters bday! ❤


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