Dedicated mommy day

Friday was national holiday and I put the mommy hat, much needed for me and the girls after 4 days of blurrrr….. more and more I realise that I need these as much as girls need this.

I accompanied the girls for morning jog and walk, then I made them a pink smoothie. They always request smoothie after morning exercise and I like associating exercise with something special. This smoothie was made with frozen berries, papaya and milk, paired with toast with cream cheese.


Then I took girls’ monthly pictures (overdue by 9 days).

Lizzy went for a playdate, Sofia and I made banana pancakes after she did her homework. She’s getting better in reading recipes, measuring up the ingredients, and yesterday she learned how to flip the pancakes, quite an accomplishment. During the whole process, I kept telling myself to be patient, bite my tongs to not criticise, and encourage her for mini success. I think she’a pro now! 🙂


Lizzy came back, had her tutoring lesson while I prepared lunch. Sofia had homemade scallion empanada with tomato salad

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Lizzy had steamed shrimp dumpling with salad

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and the adults had water celery, radish soup and also scallion empanadas.

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After lunch, Sofia went for her playdate with friends, while Lizzy and I took a nap together, and then we went to join the girls by the pool wearing her new outfit.


it was a bit hot so we came back and started to organise her dump bag of toys, selecting those to donate and to throw.


Just before her kimono class, Lizzy wrote a mini story in her book, and then she read it to me. She’s soooo creative. It was funny to see her writing in her book very seriously, and then read it “line by line” with her story.

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Lizzy joined Sofia for some pool time while I made dinner for the family, mung bean soup with sweet potato paired with quesadilla. After dinner, we spent time reading together, chatting to plan for the weekend, and light out for me by 8pm. Magnesium pills really help me with sleep! 😀

It was a great day, I enjoyed it a lot and can’t wait to start doing Mommy’s day with each of the girls a la Sarah, when we can freely go out and do things.

2 thoughts on “Dedicated mommy day

  1. Those empanadas look so good! I have the same – you really have to restrain yourself from taking over and criticizing when your kids are learning to do something. Then the patience pays off. My 9 yr old son can cook eggs and boil pasta from start to finish by himself. Really useful for me. 🙂


  2. That sounds like a wonderful day! I miss days like those. When I worked as an inpatient nurse, I worked long 12 hour shifts only 2-3 days per week, so I had lots of days off. I remember especially in the summer when they didn’t have school, we would spend SO many days together like that. Just even doing things around the house, going places, etc… Now I work Monday-Friday and the weekends feel busy…plus they are just getting older. I feel like they were more into just hanging around with me like that when they were in the 5-10 age range. Now they still will, but often like to be off doing their own thing more or with friends, etc…


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