Food, friends and new journal

Finally took some pics of our food here. It feels that what we eat is a reflect of our mental state. When we are at “home”, we eat our normal meals in repeats, getting bored sometimes. When we are in vacation, we are more adventurous and eat whatever sounds good at the moment. The first two weeks were especially as we tried new things everyday, mainly from Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Now, three weeks later, we are getting to some normalcy and repeats. Another difference during vacation is both husband and I eat two big meals and some snacks between brunch and dinner as we are out during the day. My favorite brunch/breakfast food has been avocado toast with eggs, or steel cut oats with eggs and seaweed.

Steel cut oats, seaweed and organic eggs

Girls like to have cereal for breakfast, sometimes with waffles or french toast. For packed lunch, I make PBJ or almond butter with purple cheese as the girls call it

Blueberries goat cheese and almond butter sandwich

Once everyone takes some rest/nap, husband prepares dinner for us (YAY!). Last night, he made rice, green beans, and some frozen mini pizza for the girls

Mini pizza, rice, tomato and green beans

For the adults, we love to have few vegetable dishes and a tofu dish. I know it sounds weird, but they are our comfort food. Even husband that used to be a big meat eater, he now “needs” to have greens. 😀

here in DC we don’t have toys for the girls so they spend hours doing crafting using whatever we can find (amazon boxes, egg, cereal boxes, any plastic thing). What a great way to be creative without much.

Crafting time

I didn’t bring my journal during this trip but just got a few yesterday from Tjmaxx (another of our favorite store). I can’t wait to start.

New journals

I met a friend on Sunday and it was EPIC. I last saw her two years ago. We didn’t keep in touch much until recently (deciding to come to DC as she is also based abroad). We met at 4pm in a coffee in Dupont Circle, I stored my phone, we talked nonstop with the last hour walking around DC as the cafe closed. When we hugged each other to say goodbye, it was 8pm already. I was AWWWWWWWWWW, that was something special right there. We really connected, shared so many thoughts, gave each other career/life advises, and agreed to come back to DC after our next assignment. I never thought we were closed friends, but this conversation made me re-think, I found a new friend. 🙂

Inspired by this experience, I reached out to two old friends/colleagues and will meet them in person this week. My previous worry of people not wanting to meet due to pandemic is not true. Those who wants to meet us will still meet us, especially given that most people are vaccinated.

3 thoughts on “Food, friends and new journal

  1. I’m loving following along your special trip back to DC! It sounds like it’s been a dream come true. Really special. I’m sure these are all memories you’ll keep forever and ever…I think the spontaneous, sudden nature of the trip, plus the extended time period, makes it feel extra memorable. Not to mention all of the new experiences for the girls! They are at great ages to be exploring. Sounds like you have had some awesome social connections too with several friends. That’s super cool. Happy for you guys!


  2. I have to be honest, I have never heard of mixing goat cheese with peanut butter but I do have to say I do enjoy peanut butter with orange marmalade or with cream cheese and jam. Have you found that the girls like the food more here in the US or do they miss the foods from home? Have you guys considered staying here longer? It sounds like things are going well, if I were you I would consider staying here just because of the freedoms you’re allowed! ❤


  3. girls are not very picky with food, they’d eat whatever as long as they get occasional ice cream. We are fine here for the time being but it’s not our “home” here. We need to go back to Manila for my work and school. They are doing online school at manila time which is not sustainable.
    We will come back eventually, in few years, for good 🙂


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