Hiking, vaccine and museum

Yesterday we split, I took the girls to explore new playgrounds and husband did some online shooing returns and groceries. The new playground we went was small and we decided to leave after a while. We were by the side of rock creek park trail, one of my favorite places to do long runs. I asked the girls if they wanted to do some hiking and they happily agreed without knowing what they signed up for. 🙂

It was about 3-4 miles walk, not too far but with the heat at 3pm, Lizzy started to complain half way. We took some rest and continued, with the promise that we will get out to their favorite playground.

It was actually a lovely trail and girls enjoyed it at the end and played another hour in their favorite playground before we walked home. In total, we were out for 5 hours and mostly walking and/or playing. Both girls took a nice long nap before school started at 8:30pm.

very focused little learners

because of the long nap, we ended up staying until almost 11pm. Way too late. Husband signed off before 9pm as he had a 3am meeting. I was sleepy too but couldn’t feel comfortable to go to bed with the girls by themselves.

Today we woke up excited as it was our second shot day. After I finished my meeting we walked to cvs. 10 min later, we were done. On our way home we passed by the White House. we took a pic with the sticker of being vaccinated, a memorable moment for us. Thank you America for protecting us! 😀

After some work and rest, we went to visit Smithsonian American art and portrait museum. The museums just opened up on May 14 and today was the first pass I managed to book.

Girls’ last time visiting a museum was when we visited Louvre two years ago. Lizzy doesn’t remember but Sofia remembers seeing Mona Lisa painting.

Sofia read a book about judge Ginsburg and wanted to take a pic

After two hours of walking and exploring, Lizzy was done! Hahaha.

As of this writing, I still don’t have any symptoms post second shot. Finger crossed that I won’t get any as I have few important meetings and tasks to work on in the next few days.

fully vaccinated, yay!!!

One thought on “Hiking, vaccine and museum

  1. That looks like a perfect day! Love the vaccine shot in front of the White House. Awesome!! And your posts are making me so excited to eventually go to DC. I can’t wait to go see all the museums and landmarks and everything. I was there in high school but with a school orchestra trip so it was busy and fast. My boys’ school does an 8th grade trip there so they hopefully have that coming up in a few years…but I’d love to do a family trip there, too. You have been busy! Pace must feel so different after the pandemic year, haha. I’m so impressed the girls are able to do 8:30-11 pm school! Wow!


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