Friends and shopping

I left my last post on the I didn’t have any after the second shot. Well… I did have. That evening I couldn’t sleep well as I had quite bad headache and I was almost sure I had fever. I didn’t have a thermometer but my oura ring told me that my evening temperature was 1.5C more than my baseline so I am guessing I was about 38.2C. I stayed most of the morning in bed and by 10am I decided to take a tylenol. Husband also got side effects as he had body aches and tiredness. Fortunately by 1pm I was feeling better and took the girls out for a walk. We then stopped to get some ice cream

No day without going out! 😆

That afternoon I visited a friend, haven’t seen her for 2 years or more. She invited to her house and we spent 3-4 hrs chatting. That seems to be the amount of time required for a proper catch up. I got home past 7pm and husband had already prepared dinner. I am loving the fact that I don’t need to cook anymore, and every night we have a full table of freshly cooked green vegetables. LOVING IT!!!

Yesterday I met with another colleague friend for coffee at 9am. Another good chat and probably won’t see her for a while as she’s moving to Zimbabwe for husband’s country assignment. After these two latest meetings what I realize is how lucky I am. they had a lot of issues at work and people they work with. In contrast, I love what I do and like most of the people I work with in Manila. I am glad to be the one to bring up good examples when they complain about theirs and what they know. It is good to know these negative sides of the institution I work with, but I am glad that I don’t need to hear these everyday if I am surrounded by people like this. I rather believe I work for a good institutions, most of the people care what they do and are passionate about it. World is a better place if I believe this.

I got home past noon and then took the girls to Georgetown waterfront for pastries that I got at the coffee shop.

the almond croissant is amazing
we found our fav lunch spot

then we did some shopping. I took the girls to my second fav shop (Sephora and Lululemon) hahahaha…

as I was trying on few tights, Lizzy tried on her new matching short with Sofia

I bought two pairs of tights. Sofia couldn’t believe how expensive they are. She asked: how is it possible this costs 128USD while my short was 8? mmmm… I didn’t know what to answer. I love the quality of lululemon. I’ve tried many cheaper versions but they are not the same. My current one looks quite new after 5 years of use, so this is quite a investment that will me for another few years. Also, as I age, I feel more comfortable to buy high quality basic items that I know I’ll use for a long time and it will bring me joy every time i use it.

after our shopping trip, we went to the playground for 1 hour before venturing to Trader Joes (OUR fav store!) to buy some essentials. Got home almost 7pm and dinner was again ready! I love my husband 1% more from my already 90%. hahahaha….

Saturday’s plan:


Make returns (more online shopping)

Avocado toast with egg for my brunch

Picnic with a family friend at Kennedy Center

Finish INOCENTE? this spanish series is sooooo good!!!

3 thoughts on “Friends and shopping

  1. I need to try Lululemon!! I have been meaning to forever and just never have. Any specific tights you recommend? I usually like full length but also might want some shorter ones for summer!


  2. I like Lululemon too but it’s so expensive. I subscribed to Fabletics for a few months and got great quality stuff at less than half than I would have spent at Lululemon. I still have most of them 5 years later going strong. And workout clothes are ones I don’t want to spend too much on because I am the only one who actually sees them since I just exercise at home. 🙂


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