Gradual recovery

After 3 days of home rest I was getting anxious and craving some fresh air and sun on Friday. What did I do? I left the house and took the girls to the playground. We took a bus so I probably walked less than 1 mile in total. Yet my foot immediately told me that I was not ready and left the house too soon. Bummed!!!!!!

For the record, I didn’t feel intense pain. In a scale of 10-1, I’m probably 2-3, I can feel something but not bad enough that I can’t walk. Swelling got a bit bigger though, so clearly I need to rest for more. 😦 when I can’t even get outside, all I want is just walk without making it worse. I’m okay not to run for the rest of our time in dc. My mental trick for that is that it’s getting too warm and given that I’m getting up 7am these days (as opposed to 5am), I’m not ready to leave for my run until 8am which is already too sunny. So, I just want to go out and walk.

Fortunately girls had fun at the playground despite the heat. They both look like a tomato after an hour but still enjoyed it a lot. When we were coming back waiting for the bus, Sofia was kind enough to carry the backpack so I could be more comfortable. I love that during this trip, girls really try to help as part of the family with household tasks.

I basically stayed at home rest the next day and foot recovered well. On Sunday I took the girls out for brunch, just 3 blocks away and we walked slow. We went to the famous Founding Farmers. This place is always packed so we were glad to find a table at 9:30am,

Sofia loves the idea of brunch but usually just go with breakfast food. She ordered belgium waffle with strawberries and cream

Love having girls out dates while also giving daddy some MIA time

talking about food, my latest favorite combo

Monday was Sofia’s BIG day, her first day at summer camp. this one is pure outdoor adventure, perfect for her. She was super excited. We took the bus and got there 15 min before bus pick up time

The driver and the counselor are both young, early 20s. It was a group of 10 kids, ranging from 8-13, gender balanced.

First day they did swimming, hiking, obstacle course, camouflage, and cliff jumping. Day 2 was rock climbing and more swimming. She absolutely loves it and comes back exhausted and dirty. hehehe…. I am so happy to have decided with summer camps.

While Sofia was at camp. Lizzy and I went out for some shopping, her first time at Sephora.

and she fell in love immediately. the store was empty so we spent a long time trying out different things, she had so much fun.

I am walking a bit longer each day. According to my doctor the limit of my walking time and distance is just before it gets swelling/pain again. So I am gradually increasing distance, so far it’s getting better but slowly, which is fine. As long as I can walk, I am happy. I have started to notice the effect of doing 45-60 min of strengthen workout (own body weight and zero jumping), more define muscle tones. So maybe this running break will bring me 6 packs? heheheh…. always a silver lining to any “crisis”.

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