5 things Friday

  1. Calleva camp is AMAZING! Sofia is having so much fun. It seems the perfect camp for her interest and personality, outdoor, adventurous, small group (10 kids), big variety of activities (rock climbing, obstacle course, paddle boarding, cliff jump, and lots of swimming), and overall AWESOME (per Sofia). Everyday she comes back happy, exhausted, and thinks it has been the best day so far. She wishes she could do more weeks in Calleva but I reminded her that maybe the next one would be even more fun! She loves her counselor, her friends, and even the annoying bug that bited her on day one and she had swelling under her left eye for 2 days. I think we might have to come back for more next summer! 🙂 Lizzy goes with me to drop Sofia and picks her up. I am loving to have little company to go everywhere.

2. More shopping. We have started count down for our return and starting our last round of shopping. LIzzy and I went back to Lululemon. I tried their running shorts and tanks. OMG! Why I waited so long!!! I don’t think I can wear anything else going forward. I bought two pairs of this and ordered few more online for other colors, and bought 3 of these tanks (so comfortable and pretty). If before I liked Lululemon, this trip made me a fan. Lizzy also got few more clothes and changes few outfits in one day.

Also, I found the PERFECT t-shirt, and bought 6 already because I’m so afraid I won’t find them ever again. These are James Pearce t-shirt, amazing fit, comfortable fabric, and very stylish. I never understood why designer t-shirt are so expensive and who would pay for them if you can find t-shirt for a fraction of that price that is just good enough. Well… that’s because I never tried them. Similarly to lululemon experience, once I try these on, I just want more!!!

new pairs of sandal that is comfy and stylish. I might be too old for heels.

3. Last encounter with my BFF in America. She’s leaving today for her home country. I don’t know when we will see each other again but we agreed to keep in touch in a weekly if not daily basis so we are part of each others’ life as opposed just regular catch up sessions. We complained about our husbands and agreed that they are useless (probably because we take over everything!), we shared the view that we are at the age that we should invest in quality (clothing, experience, friends), and that we are done with our two girls! hahahaha…

Lizzy meanwhile also exchanges drawing and videos with her BFF in Manila. They are both adorable and I can see why they like each other so much.

4. Solo kid. When Sofia is at summer camp, Lizzy is attached to me 24/7 and I love it. She’s just so cute and adorable. I call her my little company. I notice that when she’s alone, sometimes she seems lost what to do. Usually she follows Sofia’s lead in play, even at the playground when she’s alone to play, she doesn’t seem to have so much fun. Yet, Lizzy is very creative and can play with a box for hours, making it her small office. And when she meets with Sofia or on the way to pick up Sofia, she’s super excited.

5. Sleep deprived. This week I had early morning (6am) and late evening meetings (11pm) almost everyday. It was a big toll to my body and yesterday I felt I was sick. Hopefully work is winding down for the rest of the month. When I need to recharge during the day, I’d nap with my little company.

One thought on “5 things Friday

  1. I am so glad she is loving camp!!! She is the perfect age for it. So fun!! Asher goes to swim camp next week and then ethan goes to sleepover outdoor camp the following week. They’re excited! I also am glad for the Lululemon recs! I totally want to try their stuff. Will have to place an order soon. 🙂


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