I am officially grounded for 5 days to properly heal my ankle. My self-imposed rest didn’t work out as I was anxious to get out and run/walk. But after few days things are not getting better actually the pain level climbed up slowly. So i had a teleconsult last night and the doctor ordered me to home rest for 5 days with only essential walking, ankle support, and anti-inflammatory. This is super hard for me but I know I need to do this otherwise I might hurt myself for real. Today is day 1. I did some ground workout, worked in the morning, and probably will watch netflix in the afternoon. Girls are doing their homework, crafting, and maybe a quick visit to playground before dinner.

Before I went grounded, we visited a friends’ house on Saturday. They have a new puppy and girls loved playing with it

it was a rainy day but they still managed to play few minutes at the backyard

On Sunday, I took Lizzy to farmer’s market in the morning while Sofia did homework. I was surprised to see how packed it was. Back to normal is real.

then we went to Tysons’ Corner shopping mall. We used to go this mall so often when we lived in VA as it was 5 min drive only. We visited American Girl store and it was hard to convince them not to get one doll. I had to explain to them that just because we can afford it, it doesn’t mean we have to buy it. 150 dollars for a doll? it’s almost half of our helper/driver salary in the Philippines. They were not fully convinced but they got my point. We agreed that when they turn 10 and they still want one, they can get one, but not before that.

Still enjoying our dinners, prepared by husband. Dinner is the only meal that we sit altogether and enjoy. Breakfast is staggered as we all wake up at different times. Lunch is usually out and about. Our meal is packed with vegetables. Lizzy loves Trader Joes’ orange chicken, second time we buy it.

this 5 days will be a test for our potential quarantine experience when we go back to Manila. Currently, 10 days quarantine in a hotel is required. I am hoping they’ll change the policy before we go back. Finger crossed.

4 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. Oh, sorry to hear that!! What bad timing….right in the middle of your trip when you want to be out and about!!! UGH. Hoping it heals quickly. That puppy is so cute!! My son’s friend has a dog just like that. Adorable. I know what you mean about the American Girl dolls. Kinda glad I have boys and they don’t care about that stuff. Haha. I did buy my 5 1/2 year old niece an American Girl doll for Christmas last year as a special gift. It was an older one though and wasn’t as expensive as some. I am planning to buy my other niece one, too when she is 5 I think. My sister talked a lot with her about taking good care of it, etc…that it’s not really a doll to drag around, but is a “special” one time thing. (Not planning to buy any others!). Hopefully they will be dolls they will each keep for a long time, or pass down to their own daughters one day- and will be more special because they were a gift from their aunt (me!).


  2. Hey Kae and Coco – I would definitely recommend getting American Girl Dolls, they have stood the test of time. I actually own (still) 15 dolls. Yes, I was that girl. My mom started me very young and we actually have a storage unit filled with my old dolls and thanks to the quality of the dolls and company that manufactures them, if there are issues with the dolls you can “send them to the hospital” and they can be fixed. Like I had a friend, when I was little take a marker to one of my dolls faces and my mom was able to send the doll to the hospital and they replaced her head. It was like she was brand new! I will totally be getting my daughter/nieces dolls when the opportunity arises.

    Coco, do you have a return date set for going back to Manila? I honestly could not imagine quarantining for that long but I also just have a 48 hr bug and everyone I told that I was sick thought I had covid so I am considering going to get tested to see if thats possible. I am sure it will come back negative, but it would be nice to know!


      1. I will keep my fingers crossed for you Coco! I know that 10 days of quarantine in a government hotel would be awful especially with your little ones! Unlike Kae, my mom was just in England for her sisters funeral and even though she was fully vaccinated she was still required to quarantine but was fortunate to be able to quarantine with my brother who lives there! Hopefully you’ll be able to just quarantine in your home! ❤


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