Broken sleep and injury

Husband has been working at Manila time since we arrived a month ago, often getting up in the middle of the night for meetings. I thought it was hard but didn’t know how hard it was until last night. I had an important meeting from 8-9:30pm, then another one that I needed to join to support my teams at 1am. I napped between the two and woke up disoriented. Then at 2:30am I tried to sleep back but the quality was not good and woke up more tired at 6:30am. Now I know what poor hubby has been dealing with for weeks.

Forgot to mention here that I twisted my angle 2 weeks ago one morning while running. It wasn’t too bad but given my past experience, I was scared that I had to be out from running for 6 weeks. I rested for two days, the mild swelling went down and I was back to running. I didn’t run for long, max 7 miles and slow. Two weeks later, I need to rest for few more days as the swelling is back and i can even feel it when walking. Booo… not fun. I just learned that a runner friend was lifted by an helicopter when he was doing his morning easy trail run. Now he’s in bed rest for two months.

Running has became my therapy . The most stressed I am, the more I run. The happier I am, the more I run. The prettier the scenery, the more I run. The more I need to be alone, the more I run. The colder the weather, the more I run. I run, thus i am.

This “injury” reminds me how vulnerable I am, that I should be careful if I want to continue to run for life.

We didn’t do much these two days, just playground, homework/work, and homemade meals by husband. Yesterday we visited one playground that is a bit far from home. took bus to get there, so it feels special

today we went to “our” park. It was about to rain so the girls had the entire playground. then it started raining and we fast walked home. Even under the rain, girls found the way to laugh out and have fun. Adults need to hang out more with kids and learn their resiliency and skills to have fun no matter what

It seems that it’s going to be raining this weekend so we might visit a shopping mall? my least favorite place to go but given the weather condition, maybe that could be an option. We will see.

Next week would be our last week before girls start summer camp. We will make sure to do more playground . The moment we get there, girls run away to play, I feel relaxed and centered, kind of meditation state that I look forward to it.

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