Museum and Zoo

This week we visited American History Museum on Monday and Smithonian National Zoo on Tuesday. Very fun visits and so grateful that they are free. Girls don’t get to appreciate museums much yet but the history museum has several kids friendly activities that they really enjoyed.

I am not a big museum fan as I get dizzy after walking for a while so I just sit relax and wait for the family to enjoy the visit.

Zoo on the other hand is easy for everyone. The highlight was pandas. We spent good half hour just watching them to do their things

The mother panda was very into eating her lunch and despite many attempts of the baby panda wanting to get her attention, she gets back into eating right away and even pushed the baby away for few times. Sofia and Lizzy were confused why mother panda was so mean to her baby

I really like DC zoo as it’s relatively small so we can walk to all parts but big enough to have a big varieties of animals to check out

DC summer has arrived! it’s so hot to walk under the sun these days, that we might need to change our schedules a bit to avoid going out in the middle of the day. I don’t want to get sunburn or heat sick 🙂

Yesterday I received the good news of Sofia not having to do a covid test before her sleepaway summer camp given the change of CDC policy on summer camps. That’s great! Not only it is assuring to know that vaccine rollout is going well thus the confidence of the campers, it always saves us 150USD! 😀 YAY!

One thought on “Museum and Zoo

  1. Aww, you don’t like museums?!?! I love them!!! Sounds like fun days! I can’t wait to get see all those DC museums someday. The zoo sounds great too! Love the panda pic- that’s too cute!


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