Last weekend was about reunion, reunion with my grad school friends. First, we met with Tyson’s family again on Saturday, who we met 2 weeks before. But this time our reunion was joined by another friend and his family, so in total we had 6 kids in a big playground. Kids played and laughed, adults catch up leisurely.

Everytime Sofia and Lizzy go to a new playground, they ask when can they come back. When I ask them why do they want to come back if they can visit a new place? Then they can’t decide what they want 😆 tricky question.

they also rode carousel and mini train. So much fun!

here’s three of us in 2007, 14 years ago during our second year in grad school when we were already good friends, and I had them over at my place for Thanksgiving

14 year later, all with two kids

next day we met with another friend in that pic, she just had a baby 6 months ago

I rarely think about those 5 years in grad school these days. I am more like living in the present kind of person. But when I do remember, especially people who were in my life at that period, all memories come back as clear as it was yesterday. 14 years ago, we had the future in front of us to do whatever we wanted. At the same time, we were so ensure our future and what our life would be. I don’t think I’d ever imagine my current life style and mental state, as I was always preoccupied with something go wrong at the time. 14 years later, I’ve became a positive person, not afraid of anything, and confident that I’d be able to face whatever challenges I’d encounter. If I go tell myself then, I’d say: don’t worry, everything would be fine, just enjoy the ride. 😆

2 thoughts on “Reunions

  1. So awesome you have been able to get together with so many people! I’m also impressed that you have stayed in such good touch with so many various people from grad school years ago…and you’re lucky to have formed such deep, lasting friendships during that time. I don’t have too many people from my college years that I’m really still in touch with, sadly. A couple friends, but that’s about it.


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