Early return to home

We thought an extra day of rest would help us to recover and resume our island tours the next day. Yet both Sofia and I continued to have some fever and sensitive stomach. What worried me was that her fever went up to 103 and she looked very tired. So we decided to cut the trip short and flies back to manila. We might have missed one tour in Coron but I think we took the right decision. Even though today we both didn’t have fever, her stomach still hurts sometimes and appetite nowhere to be found. That means we aren’t likely to get to enjoy the beach and snorkeling even if we did the tour. It was a bittersweet sweet decision. What made us feel sad leaving was actually the staff in the resort. It’s honestly the best resort we have ever stayed in term of hospitality. everyone was so kind and caring. They know our names and always proactively offered help or comfort for us. They would set up movie night for the kids in their lounge movie theater with popcorn even if it’s not on schedule. They’d take the girls around the resort on golf cart just because the girls asked. They offered free pizza, daily treats to our room, free bottle of wine, and daily play with the girls doing local crafts. When I told the manager that we need to cut the trip short as we both got sick, he was more worried about how we are doing than waving the early termination fee, he even found a nurse to check on us and brought Gatorade to replenish our hydration. Honestly the most caring people we’ve met on a trip. Sofia said she doesn’t want to work in a hotel because when guests leave she will feel sad. Oh well… I’ll find a way to give back to these people, not one, but the entire staff in the resort. If you ever visit the Philippines please pay a visit to Coron and dry and Bacau Bay resort.

We arrived well in manila. Happy to see cookie. Doing laundry and preparing a vegetable feasts. That’s what I miss the most of home, eating food that makes me feel good.

We will stay 2 nights and go to a farm resort near by 🙂 no time to waste to enjoy vacation right?!

2 thoughts on “Early return to home

  1. Bummer about the illness!!! It’s always a risk when traveling I suppose. Probably best you headed home so she can recover there. Sad way to end the trip but luckily it sounds like you had an amazing time otherwise!!! Such beautiful pictures.


  2. So sorry you had to cut things short, but it is just not fun to be sick on vacation! Looks like some incredible memories and sounds like you’re very quickly headed off on the next adventure 🙂


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