Rest day and run

After two nights of feast our friends want to do a long run in our rest day. We met up at 5:45 at the lobby and we went. They wanted to do 20km, I wasn’t sure and suggested to try 15k instead (my longest run of the year anyway). It was a gorgeous morning. Some breeze, quiet except for some street dogs, and no sun yet. We had small portion of trail even a river crossing.

We ended up doing 16k and I felt I had more to give. So I guess I’m ready for longer distance running.

Unfortunately our friend seemed to not feel good once we were back. He had diarrhea and vomiting and spent the entire day in bed.

I booked for 90min massage after some rest breakfast and stretching. Then hubby and I went to explore the city center and bought some snacks

Once we got back to hotel Sofia looked not well. She said she had stomach ache. I thought maybe because she didn’t eat much so I gave her a bun. She thrower it up few minutes later. By 5pm she looked sick and weak. Had lose stool and vomited one more time.

We all think it’s probably food poisoning as two have similar symptoms.

Sofia took a nap while Lizzy and I had dinner. Once it was bed time Sofia couldn’t fall asleep. Either because her stomach was uncomfortable or because she was thirsty but afraid to drink a lot of water as her stomach couldn’t hold it up.

I think we all fell asleep before 11pm. Yet I woke up from the pain, my belly was painful from movement inside, similar to the feeling I had 10 years ago when I was in Colombia. I took a Tylenol and tried to get back to sleep.

This morning Sofia stomach is fine but still has fever. I have diarrhea and fever.

Our friend went to diving and the kids stayed behind. Another rest day then. Hopefully everybody recovers soon.

It’s rare that we get sick when traveling, probably first time ever. We don’t know what food caused it because others didn’t get it sick. Anyway… there’s a first in everything. Maybe I’ll get another massage.

4 thoughts on “Rest day and run

  1. my husband doesn’t run as its heavy and has knee problems. he does gym with a trainer 2-3 times a week, and swim most of the days. I wish we run together, especially I see the other couple they run together and the husband is the protector of her for early morning runs. But well.. we have things that other couples don’t have so no point of being jealous of what we don’t have but grateful of what we do have.. 🙂


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