Coron part 2 begins

After 4 nights in club paradise we had a leisure morning before we departed to Coron city. I don’t know if it was because we both ate a lot lately but hubby and I broke the hammock in our last morning

We both laughed so much. What a memorable way to end our stay there. Our friend also took us some family picture. We finally got a family picture during this part of the trip

We took the boat with the rest of friends back to the airport

Then the second hotel picked up there. I had little expectation about this second hotel because it’s new, not many reviews, and 1/3 of the price of club paradise. It more than exceeded our expectation. Since the moment we entered the resort we felt so lucky to have booked with it. So many thoughtful touches and the lemongrass scent everywhere

Girls started their play with their friends who arrived few hours before us at the kiddie center, with someone that organizes activities for them. How wonderful

The room is not big but it’s clean and has modern amenities like capsules coffee, music player and local delicacies to welcome us. the pool is at the center of the resort and looks so calming

The second day started early as we booked the tour b to explore twin lagoons, coral garden, skeleton sunk ship and barracuda lake (with barracuda in it that measured one meter long). It was a wonderful day. Girls love jumping from our kayak

The lagoon looks very similar to those we saw in el nido, which is 5-6 hours away from coron with turquoise water and small fishes in it. Because it’s connected to the ocean, there is part of the lagoon that is cold part that is warm, very cool

Our lunch setting. Despite its look it tastes great! Maybe it was because I was so cold from being in the water for long, really needed the fuel

Barracuda lake as our last stop

After some rest we went to enjoy the sunset.. what a fun spot to watch the sunset

I love sunsets and it never tires me to watch it day after day

Then we had dinner with our friends, and a small cheesecake to celebrate my 41th birthday. This must be the lowest key celebration but I enjoyed it and so grateful to be here right now. Being with my family, seeing them happy and enjoying life worth th world to me.

2 thoughts on “Coron part 2 begins

  1. Omg the hammock breaking is hilarious! What is your resort called? I am planning to go to the Philippines in July/Aug and already thinking where to stay in Palawan. 🙂 The pics looks amazing, I am so jealous…


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