Unstructured day is perfect for vacation

We had a free day for our last full day. Few years ago it would have gotten me anxiety of what to do for the day, as I needed to know until the last detail of our day to take full advantage of the vacation. No more. Now I would intentionally leave few days of no plan for spontaneity to take over.

As usual I had almost an hour of solo time at our yard on the hammock enjoying the sunrise.

Once the family got up I suggested to check out the mini trail so we went.

It was an easy trail perfect for the family hike that ended with a high rise place for the eagle view

The whole activity took 45 min and it was perfect to work up some appetite for a slow leisure breakfast. after that, hubby and I went to snorkel in front of the resort while kids played with their friends.

During this trip I’m doing all the snorkeling with hubby, unlike before that I often said it’s just fish, I’ve seen them already. But actually it’s not true. Every snorkeling trip is different experience. Corals are different fishes are different the waves are different. After the first minute of chill I really enjoy the experience. The marine life is incredible and seeing those animals carrying out their life make me appreciate all living animals on earth. Every life is precious.

Sofia had an observation that I’m still pounding on the takeaway. We saw a lizard in the morning near our house digging something in the sand. Daddy said it’s probably digging the turtle egg for breakfast. I said poor turtle. And Sofia said: poor lizard that can’t find what it wants to eat. She’s so right! But why do we tend to favor to protect some animals? Should we leave the nature to work it out?

After we came back from snorkeling we found our clean room and funny towel creation

We rest in our room while kids played at the yard. When they left to another play spot, I spent at least an hour on the hammock while hubby took a nap. Slow and relaxing afternoon with sea breeze, pure bliss

Around 5pm hubby and I went out again to explore another part of the ocean and sea new kind of fishes. Meanwhile Sofia had her mandarin class at the beach as the teacher is on this trip. What a fantastic class spot

Then we had dinner and everyone ordered the favorite fish we had during this trip

Sofía had club sándwich

Hubby had monster burger

Lizzy had fried chicken and I had a sautéed vegetable, tofu with thai basil and blue pea rice (a wild flower that makes the rice blue)

And we ordered dessert to make it extra special. Kids had ice cream and hubby and I shared the vegan cheese (made with soy milk yogurt and nuts)

Quite full after dinner. Light out before 9pm.

We ended up doing more than we expected but it felt relaxing. 🙂

One thought on “Unstructured day is perfect for vacation

  1. Sounds like a glorious day. Beautiful vistas, fresh air and time with family. I’m SO glad you managed to make it in the end and it seems like things went so well on the vacation.

    Merry Christmas (Eve)!


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