Celebration-less Valentines

The whole city of Manila is decorated in Valentines. We even have a photo-booth in our building lobby that we missed for few minutes. But I was not in mood to make anything special after my morning 8am meeting that I got into few minutes late after I walked the girls to school.

When starting the week in a rush, I feel tired already by the end of that meeting. I went to the office for few hours, had a meeting, chat with a colleague who had covid twice, poor family. Then I went home for lunch, worked a bit more before girls came back home.

Hubby got me a necklace with my name that I used it as bracelet. Lizzy made a heart shape card saying I love you mom, very sweet. The other bracelet was my birthday gift last year. I think hubby found a category of gifts that are safe so he just keeps buying jewelry. I won’t complain 🙂

For dinner, I made girls pizza (one of their favorite meals) and chinese panfried dumplings (hubby’s favorite).

Then we had mung bean popsicle as dessert. Soooo good. I should make it again.

At the end of the day I told hubby… well that’s another Valentine’s day that we did not celebrate. He smiled at me, and through that smile I feel love and be loved.

I found a new podcast and this episode made me realize that the reason for my happiness is that I am a satisfier, not a maximizer. I have the mindset to appreciate what I already have instead of looking for what is missing. So true! The question now is: is this a genetic quality or one can develop it?

One thought on “Celebration-less Valentines

  1. I love the little bracelet!! So pretty and dainty. Casual but nice jewelry is a great gift. I need to figure out a way to organize my jewelry better, because I feel like when I do get some, I end up sticking it somewhere and forget about it… I wouldn’t mind having a few different little bracelets like that to wear. I’ll have to mention that as a gift idea to my husband. 😉


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